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Police Department

For Emergencies: Dial 911 or 9-911 if dialing from a campus line

ABAC Police Non Emergency Line: 229.391.5060

The ABAC Police Department is a state law enforcement agency (officers are state certified through Peace Officers Standards and Training for the state of Georgia) and has been authorized by the President of ABAC as the primary provider of law enforcement, safety, and security services to the campus community and the immediate surrounding areas.

The department collaborates regularly with the City of Tifton Police Department and the Tift County Sheriff’s Office, as well as other College Police agencies and Regional Law Enforcement to be able to provide effective, efficient, and professional services. The ABAC Police Department operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is located in Evans Hall.

Please be reminded that you must apply for and pick up a 2023-2024 parking decal. All vehicles that park on the ABAC Campus must display a current parking decal before the second week of the start of classes. Temporary parking decals are also available for cars that are driven for a temporary period or vehicles that do not have a permanent tag displayed. There is no charge for parking decals and students may apply for multiple decals. 


Campus Safety

ABAC seeks to provide students with the ability to learn in a safe environment. Through the various protective measures, ABAC ensures that the campus will remain a safe place for students to learn and grow as individuals.



Campus Law Enforcement

ABAC Police Department’s goal is to “protect the students, faculty, staff and visitors, their property and the property of ABAC.” ABAC’s law enforcement team conducts a variety of jobs to keep the campus safe including conducting investigations, gathering information, making arrests, serving search warrants, notifying other law enforcement agencies and assisting victims of crime. The Department maintains a good relationship with local law enforcement agencies in the surrounding area.


Drugs/Alcohol on Campus

ABAC policy allows no alcohol or drugs on campus.


Vehicle Assists

If you need a jump or are locked out of your vehicle, call 229-391-5060.



Worried about walking across campus alone? Call ABAC Police at 229-391-5060.


LiveSafe App

The LiveSafe app provides students, faculty and staff with a direct connection to the ABAC Police Department so that everyone can easily communicate all their safety needs. Its easy-to-use features help you stay safe every day and enable us to better protect you. Benefits:

  • Share information, tips and safety concerns with campus safety via text messaging, including picture, video, and audio attachments, or even through live chat.
  • Stay anonymous anytime, or send your user information and location to the police department as soon as you call or message, allowing faster response times.
  • Activate a GPS-tagged monitoring feature to let your friends and family keep you covered until you arrive safely to your destination.
  • Receive timely notifications with important safety information from campus police.

To download the free LiveSafe app:

  1. Download the app on your iPhone or Android.
  2. Select “Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College” as your School/Agency.
  3. Fill in your user profile.
  4. You’re set! Start using the app to stay safe every day!




Parking Decal

All motor vehicles that are to be parked on campus by students, faculty, and staff must be registered with the ABAC Police and display a current parking decal by the end of the first week of each semester.



Temporary Parking Permits

Temporary permits are issued by the ABAC Police when faculty, staff and students are driving a vehicle temporarily. These permits are free and can be picked up at the police department in Evans Hall.



Parking Regulations

Regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Violators will be issued a citation and may be towed, depending on the offense. Vehicles may be towed or booted at the owner’s expense after receiving four citations or for violations as noted in the Regulations. ABAC Police have been charged with protecting the rights of the permit holders. Therefore, citations are issued to any vehicle parked in violation of the Parking Regulations. Parking enforcement ensures that students and staff will have a reasonable opportunity for parking and that individuals without appropriate authority or who have parked in an inappropriate area will be cited.


Failure to Pay Citation Charges

Unpaid citations can result in student financial holds preventing students from receiving grades, refunds, official transcripts, or graduating.


Payments of Citations

May be made in person at the Cashier’s window, located on the first floor of the Carlton Center, or through your Banner account by clicking here.


Parking Citation Appeals

Any student issued a citation may file their appeal of the citation by completing the appeal form by clicking this link (appeal link) within 7 days of receiving the citation.  Citations shall be appealed through the Student Traffic Court which meets every Thursday at 4 PM (excluding holidays). Faculty and staff citations shall be appealed through the Chief of Police by email.  Common reasons for denial of appeal:

  • “I admit I was illegally parked, but I was only gone a few minutes”
  • “I knew it was a no-parking zone, but cars park there all the time and never get ticketed”
  • “I didn’t know I couldn’t park there”
  • “I was ill and had to use the restroom”

You will need to know the following to view/appeal a Ticket/Citation:

  • Your User ID is the same as your ABAC ID (918######)
  • You will also need to know your Ticket/Citation Number.
  • When you requested a permit you agreed to the Parking Rules and Regulations

Report a Crime

For Emergencies: Dial 911 or 9-911 if dialing from a campus line
ABAC Police Non-Emergency Line: 229-391-5060

LiveSafe:  See something, say something! The LiveSafe Command and Communications Dashboard delivers real-time visibility into safety and security insights sourced from the community. It is the gateway to a robust set of tools to communicate with employees and students. It also gives organizations quick, clean access to their analytics to drive continual tuning of their security and risk profile.

Scan the image to install ABAC’s LiveSafe app on your IOS or Android devices.

Scan Code for Live Safe

Contact Information

Phone: 229.391.5060
FAX: 229.391.5061

Evans Hall
2802 Moore Hwy.
Tifton, GA 31793