Alumni and Foundation

ABOUT Alumni and Foundation

ABAC’s Alumni and Friends make a tremendous difference in the continued success of the College. Through their investment of time, energy and resources, they are touching the lives of today’s ABAC students. There are many ways to “Give Back to ABAC” — from becoming an active member of the ABAC Alumni Association to attending ABAC alumni events or participating in ABAC Travel to encouraging students to consider ABAC for their college experience to supporting scholarships and programs as a donor. As an ABAC alumnus or friend, you are a valued member of our ABAC Family!

Alumni and Friends

Although you were a only a student at ABAC for a season, you are an alumnus for life! Our alumni are very important to us. We want to stay in touch with you concerning events in your area and on the ABAC campus, and we also want to know about your achievements as an ABAC alumnus.

ABAC Foundation

The ABAC Foundation’s sole purpose is to support the aims and objectives of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College.  The Foundation is a nonprofit corporation which acts as the repository for all gifts given to support the College. Support includes providing the necessary funds from ABAC alumni and friends to support the college’s scholarships, programs, faculty, staff and expanding footprint. 

Travel with ABAC

ABAC Travel provides the opportunity to view amazing sites and enjoy new experiences.  Whether it’s a day trip in the state or a week spent in another country, travelers can enjoy well planned trips with other enjoyable alumni and friends of the college.

Give to ABAC

Join us as we continue to write a story of excellence at ABAC. 

Contact Information

Alumni House

ABAC 13, 2802 Moore Hwy., Tifton, GA 31793