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The Department of Education at ABAC is dedicated to turning students into thoughtful and engaged educators no matter the field in which they choose to work. Our mission revolves around cultivating the intellectual and professional agency of our students to make a positive impact in the schools and communities where they will come to live and work.

The ABAC Education Department offers bachelor’s degrees in Agricultural Education, and it provides outstanding preparation for those looking to get their essential classes finished before they transfer for certification in another educational field. Students on the ABAC campus may also receive a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, through a partnership with Georgia Southwestern University.

Degrees and Tracks

Agricultural Education (B.S.)

Agricultural Education prepares students to work in an education-related career. The wide variety of courses allow students to specialize in agriculture and natural resources while learning about the education profession through on-campus laboratories and training facilities. Instruction is also provided in curriculum development, instructional methods, community programs, and other content courses designed for future teachers and community educators. Track options allow students to choose a curriculum that will prepare them for a career in an educational environment through the school system, Cooperative Extension, and more. 

Agricultural Studies

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The Agricultural Education major, Agricultural Studies track, is designed for students who desire to pursue education related careers such as educational specialists for industry, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. Agricultural Education provides the foundation courses for students to earn a degree in agriculture along with the professional education courses preparing them as education specialist. The discipline specific courses are paired with courses that prepare students to teach and work with diverse student population in an agricultural setting.

Coursework includes essentials such as curriculum planning, teaching for special needs, educational technology partnered with agricultural sciences and principles of agriculture. Students may choose from a diverse selection of additional coursework to tailor their degree to fit their specific interests or area of focus.

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Students with an interest in teaching secondary agricultural education will be best suited pursuing the Education track of the Agricultural Education major. Those in the program will receive the knowledge and experience necessary for a successful career working with diverse student groups in an agricultural setting. Students can expect to learn all the necessary elements of the agriculture world, as well as the practical skills required for classroom management, curriculum planning, and instructional design. Students can also specify their degree by choosing from a variety of coursework focusing on topics such as plant and soil science, forestry, animal science, to agricultural economics. A minimum overall GPA of 2.5 is required for admission to this program.

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Contact Information

Environmental Horticulture Building

ABAC 8, 2802 Moore Hwy., Tifton, GA 31793

Continuing Education

Online Learning
ABAC supports students looking to gain more information throughout the school year by taking additional courses online. For more information about the classes available online click here.

PLU for Educators
The Professional Learning Unit (PLU) is a recognized method for recording completion of courses meeting the requirement for teacher certificate renewal.  Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College provides PLUs as approved by the Georgia Department of Education.  One PLU represents 10 contact hours of instruction.  You must attend 90% of the course to receive PLU credit and a completion certificate.

For additional PLU student guidelines Click Here.

You must complete the Prior Approval Form for any PLU course. It can be faxed to our office at (229) 391-4791.  For additional questions, please contact Vonda Fenn at 229-391-5067.

Online PLU Courses
For a complete list of approved online courses click here. Note that all on-line courses offered through our office are not PLU approved and not all approved courses are always available. These online courses run for 12 weeks each and begin on specific dates.

All work will be verified through the online administrative site Ed2Go.

You will be required to submit a“Student Affidavit” after completing your final exam.

Go to the Ed2Go website for course descriptions, to view availability and to register.