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Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College prides itself on providing students with the a unbeatable education by employing knowledgeable and inspiring educators who are leaders in their field. ABAC recruits faculty members from across the country and around the world to share their knowledge with the students.

For more information about our various faculty members please visit the various school pages.

Faculty Senate


We, the faculty of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, in order to promote more effective communication between the teaching faculty and the administration, staff, and student body, to secure greater faculty participation in the decision-making processes of the College, to stimulate faculty interest in the goals and objectives of the institution, to insure faculty involvement in matters related to the College, to pursue academic excellence and teaching effectiveness, and to create the best possible atmosphere for effective learning and teaching, do ordain and establish this constitution for a body to be styled the Faculty Senate of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College. The purpose of the Faculty Senate of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, hereafter referred to as the Faculty Senate, shall be to make rules and regulations governing the organization of the Faculty Senate, and to debate and make recommendations to the administration of the College and to the student body.



Membership in the Faculty Senate shall include representatives from the teaching faculty from each academic school or department on the basis of one representative from each Department within each School with a minimum of two representatives per School.


Current Officers

President – Sheila McLendon Vice President – Bryan Yost Recording Secretary – Vanessa Lane Vice President – Joseph Devaney USG Faculty Senate Representative – Amanda Urquhart


Faculty Senate Website

Faculty Senate news and documents are posted on the Faculty Senate page in SharePoint. You can access the Faculty Senate SharePoint page by clicking here.

If the link above doesn’t work, search for the page in SharePoint.

To access SharePoint, log into your Outlook Email through MyABAC. Click the small icon with nine dots next to the ABAC logo in the upper left of the page. Select SharePoint. Use the search bar to locate the Faculty Senate page.


Senators by Department

Agriculture and Natural Resources

  • Vanessa Lane
  • Audrey Luke-Morgan
  • Erin Porter
  • Amy Warren

Arts and Sciences

  • Joe Devaney
  • Steven Hougland (Bainbridge)
  • Sheila McLendon (Bainbridge)
  • Brian Ray
  • Jewrell Rivers
  • Amanda Urquhart
  • Brian Yost


  • Ryan Currie
  • William Regan (Bainbridge)
  • Abul Sheikh

Nursing and Health Sciences

  • Deborah Drummonds
  • Jennifer Harrison (Bainbridge)
  • Jeannie Paulk

Staff Forum

The purpose of the Staff Forum of ABAC is as follows:

  • provide a sounding board whereby mutual concerns may be identified and presented to the Administration effectively;
  • secure greater staff participation in the decision-making process of the college;
  • recognize and encourage excellence of performance among staff members;
  • pursue fair and impartial treatment of all staff, regardless of position, including equitable work conditions and standards; and
  • support and enhance the overall mission of the college.


Current Officers
Gloria Sulkowski, Past-Chair
Jessica Gandy, Chair
Jamie Kinsley, Vice-Chair
Kim Baldwin, Parliamentarian
Tia Kohler, Secretary

Center For Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning fosters academic excellence by supporting and advancing collaborative, innovative, and engaged evidence-based teaching/learning experiences in and beyond the classroom.​