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Stafford School of Business


The Stafford School of Business offers students a comprehensive and pragmatic approach to the principals of the business world and provides a strong foundation for growth and success in a variety of fields. Our macro level approach to instruction exposes students to a holistic view of markets and business concepts without the need to choose a narrow concentration. Our mission is to educate each student to meet the challenges of a dynamic global business environment through impactful scholarship and challenge-driven learning experiences. The vision of the Stafford School of Business is be recognized for its forward-thinking and sustainable business education model while maintaining its relevance in the community.
Renada Elad, Dean of School of Business

Renata Elad, Ph.D.

Dean, Stafford School of Business

Message from the Dean

It is my distinct honor to welcome you to the Stafford School of Business at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC), where we believe education is a journey that requires a commitment to new skills and attitudes.

The Stafford School of Business is committed to shaping life-long learning-leaders who can discover innovative and ethical solutions to emerging and changing business conditions. Building on ABAC’s core competency, our unique educational model that integrates academics with authentic experiential learning opportunities is well suited to meet the evolving needs of today’s business student, and the global marketplace. We get the job done!

In today’s high-stakes marketplace, employers want job candidates with proven performance, and skills that lead to job effectiveness—like communication, team work and problem-solving. Organizations want leaders who are creative and know how to act on ideas and analysis. In response to these marketplace and industry needs, the Stafford School of Business is made up of faculty who are passionate, and thought-leaders in their academic fields. They prepare you for success academically, personally, and professionally.

As a learning community, we the students, faculty and staff nurture service and personal integrity as we proactively address the tough business issues of our day. We’ll match your drive to succeed with knowledge and skills that will set you apart. Make the Stafford School of Business your new home and explore for yourself what the impact of personal attention and superior business education can mean for your career. Of course, we welcome your feedback, join us in shaping the business school of the future.

Being a member and an officer of the two business clubs, Stafford Business Club and Enactus, has not only helped me strengthen my leadership skills but has also helped me strengthen my professionalism. In Stafford Business Club, we were able to network with businesses from the area and learn about what employers look for in employees. With Enactus, we learned about entrepreneurship and all the skills it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. There are no words to describe how thankful I am for the impact Stafford School of Business has had on my life.

Accacia Lawson

Business (B.S.)
Class of 2019

The Stafford School of Business has given me many opportunities through the business clubs, Stafford Business Club and Enactus, and an internship to Europe. I have been able to meet many business leaders and make connections at events such as the Business Roundtable and Enactus national competitions. Thank you ABAC for giving me many memories to take into the future.

Sarah Odom

Business (B.S.)
Class of 2019

The Stafford School of Business professors have been a great influence on my walk through college. Being a part of the Stafford School of Business has made me more confident and excited about my future. I will forever be thankful for my ABAC family.

Trisha Cowthon

Business (B.S.)
Class of 2019

I love the beautiful and welcoming environment of ABAC, along with the support provided concerning my academic career. I am continuously learning new things. The education that I have received has provided me with the essential concepts that are important in the workplace. Along with the core curriculum, ABAC goes above and beyond to develop well-rounded individuals.  

Tameka Stafford

Ashburn, GA
Business - B.S.
Class of 2020

Business at ABAC

The only Bachelor of Science in Business in the State of Georgia! Our unique Business degree will provide you with the concepts and tools needed for entry into the work force along with the analytical and communication skills essential for a successful career in today's dynamic business environment.

Business Class

Bachelor of Science in Business

The Bachelor of Science in Business is designed to give students a solid foundation in business that enables them to provide managerial solutions to daily organizational issues. This degree creates team leaders who are capable of working ethically and effectively in a dynamic business setting. Experiential learning activities within the program improve their decision-making ability and develop the skills needed in today’s global business environment.
Learn more Tameka Stafford
As a management information systems faculty, I am always engaged in providing my students with challenging learning experiences. That is not only my objective, it is the mission of the school. I teach in the area of computer programming and information systems, including data analytics. Currently, I am working with two students to investigate why drones would be more useful in farming than satellite imaging. When not dreaming up new and fun projects to work on with my students, I enjoy traveling - visiting natural wonders with my family particularly my two sons before their medical careers take them far from home. 

Abul Sheikh

Professor of Information Technology

Student engagement through experiential learning is a strong suit of mine. My areas of teaching including courses in management, entrepreneurship, and international business. I integrate active learning through simulations such as "Shark Tank", guest lecturers, company site visits, and hands-on activities. These learning strategies help to increase student inquiry and learning from diverse perspectives.  

Dr. Franzelle Mathis-Pertilla

Associate Professor of Business

Job Placement

Students in the Stafford School of Business are required to undertake at least one three-credit hour internship as part of their degree. The purpose of the internship program is to integrate classroom knowledge with real-world learning experiences, gain valuable work experience, and to develop a network of industry contacts.

Career Opportunities WITH

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More about the School

Strategic Priorities

Build a forward-thinking and sustainable business education model while maintaining relevant in the community by:

  • Enhance student engagement through experiential learning opportunities and co-curricular activities that develop their business and leadership skills.
  • Build and promote a culture of faculty excellence in innovative teaching and learning that in turn, connects our school with the global business community.
  • Strengthen and leverage our relationship with the industry and community by more actively engaging faculty, students and external partners in activities that have relevance and impact.

Contact Information

Lewis Hall

ABAC 14, 2802 Moore Hwy., Tifton, GA 31793