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School of Nursing and Health Sciences


The School of Nursing and Health Sciences offers two widely sought after degrees in healthcare for both beginning undergraduate students and current healthcare professionals. We are proud to boast one of the highest NCLEX RN pass rates in the state and a 100% employment rate for our graduates. We offer both a traditional track to becoming an RN and an option for practical nurses, paramedics, and respiratory therapists to become registered in just one year through the Bridge track.

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Jaibun Earp, Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences

Jaibun K. Earp

Dean and Professor

Message from the Dean

Welcome to the School of Nursing and Health Sciences at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC)!

Choosing the School of Nursing and Health Sciences (SONHS) at ABAC as the next step in your educational journey is the best decision you have ever made. The School of Nursing and Health Sciences has an established record of a rich learning environment with very successful end of program student learning outcomes. This is evidenced by enviable NCLEX-RN licensure pass rates, high employer satisfaction, and very high percent job placements. Highly qualified and committed faculty dedicate themselves to educating students not only for the knowledge and skills needed for nursing profession, but also for instilling values of life-long learning.

ABAC SONHS has a 2-year Associate in Science of Nursing (ASN) Degree program and a one-year Bridge Program for students who have health sciences backgrounds such as paramedic or licensed practical nurse to become an RN. ABAC also has a BSN Program for those who already are RNs to complete the baccalaureate degree. These programs provide foundations for graduate education.

This is possible due to the quality nursing education you will receive at ABAC. Additionally, due to the merger of ABAC with the former Bainbridge State College, we now have two campuses, Tifton and Bainbridge, that you can choose for classes, whichever is most convenient for you.

If you have been looking for a school where you can receive superior quality instruction with individual attention, supported by a rich clinical learning environment, ABAC School of Nursing and Health Sciences is it!

I invite you to join our ABAC family at Tifton or Bainbridge and begin your professional nursing career that will be only limited by your personal aspirations.

I love the nursing program at ABAC and the profession itself for helping me grow in ways that I didn’t know possible. I will hold this dear in my heart as well. The nursing faculty motivated me to work my hardest academically and professionally. I strive to be the best at what I do. I strive to be the best nurse I can be. I walked on campus with so much in hand, and I’m leaving ABAC with a smile on my face knowing that I have grown so much. I hope you learn how to grow as well. I hope to leave an impact on others now and generations to come. I hope you choose to be happy!

Alejandro Torres

Nursing - R.N. to B.S.N. Completion (B.S.N)
Class of 2019

ABAC’s nursing program not only teaches you how to be a nurse, but also teaches you time management between balancing rigorous school work and life. The instructors have years of experience in the nursing field and bring those real-life situations to the classroom to help you understand the material. I had the best clinical instructors who taught me how to apply the knowledge and skills that I learned in the classroom to the hospital setting. Nothing was more exciting than starting my first IV or performing CPR for the first time. All of those “select all that apply” or “which is the best choice” test questions will not be missed, but my time at ABAC will be.

Summer Bennett

Nursing - R.N.
Class of 2019

My favorite part about the ABAC Nursing Program is the friendships I have made. Connections with my professors will undoubtedly help to further my career goals. I am very thankful for the opportunities that have been afforded to me in this program, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Jacob Walker

Nursing - R.N. to B.S.N. Completion (B.S.N)
Class of 2019


Department of Nursing

The Department of Nursing at ABAC offers immersive and comprehensive programs that teach students to provide and coordinate patient care, educate patients and the public about various health conditions, and provide advice and emotional support for patients and families. Our graduates leave prepared to enter the nursing field with hands-on, applicable experience and the confidence and skills necessary for success. This department offers options for those just beginning their nursing journey, as well as those with existing experience in health sciences. The Associate of Science in nursing is a two year degree track for students interested in becoming a Registered Nurse. Those with existing experience may be eligible for the one year Bridge Program to reach RN status. We’re also proud to offer the Bachelors of Science in Nursing program for those with existing Registered Nurse status interested in completing their baccalaureate degree online. Students are expected to apply knowledge and skills in leadership, quality improvement, healthcare financing and policies, patient safety, and technology integration to provide high quality care and evidence-based practice. Graduates of the BSN program have enjoyed success in positions such as Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Anesthetist, Certified Nurse Midwifes, and Clinical Nurse Specialists.
Explore Nursing Jacob Walker

Department of Health Sciences

The Department of Health Sciences offers a range of courses pertaining to health and wellness education and promoting the significance of healthy lifestyles. This department offers courses in the core curriculum required for ABAC students and does not offer any degrees specifically within the department.
Explore Health Sciences Jacob Walker
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I honestly believe the best way to lead is by example. My students know I am in college, and they see the struggle is real, even for me. I think this makes them work harder for me. I am not afraid for them to see me fall short. They all know I am human. In just a few short semesters, the young men and women I teach today will be my colleagues and possibly taking care of me or my family.

Tammy Carter

Assistant Professor of Nursing
ABAC Class of 2000

I have been in higher education for 16 years. I practiced for 23 years as a Registered Nurse with my specialty area being maternal-infant care. I have experience in the ER and Med-Surg floors as well. I was a Director of the Maternal Infant floor for 12 years. I also was a nursing supervisor periodically through my 23 years in hospital employment.

Tamara Dennis

Professor of Nursing; BSN Program Coordinator

Our job placement is 100% (area hospitals, long term care facilities, prisons, chemical dependency Rehabilitation units, Physician's offices. Tift Regiional Medical Center works with our students so they can intern on a Dedicated Education Unit (DEU) with specific preceptors. It is part of the student's clinical experience but more individualized like an internship. Hospitals love to hire our students.

Tift Regional Medical Center, area hospitals, long-term care facilities, prisons, chemical dependency rehabilitation units, physician's offices

Nursing Students practice on simulation dummy

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The nursing programs are approved by the Georgia Board of Nursing, 237 Coliseum Drive, Macon, Georgia 31217-3858 (phone: 487-207-2440) and are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, 3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850, Atlanta, Georgia 30326 (phone: 404-975-5000).

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Health Science Building

ABAC 52, 2802 Moore Hwy., Tifton, GA 31793