Honors Program

ABOUT Honors Program

The Honors Program is designed to help intellectually talented and strongly motivated students gain the most rewarding college experience possible. Challenging courses and engaging professors place honors students on a path toward academic and professional success. Admission to the program is competitive and is gained through submitting the online application below or through invitation from the Honors Program directors.


In order to be eligible the ABAC Honors Program, students must have one of the two test scores:

  • SAT total of 1170 on the verbal and math
  • ACT Composite score of 24 or better

Benefits of the Honors Program

  • Honors Lounge: a private lounge for studying and socializing at the Tifton site.
  • Housing: the Tifton site offers a special wing in the Lakeside dorm for honors students to live and learn together.
  • Priority Registration: all honors program students receive priority I registration.
  • Conference Opportunities: students are encouraged to submit proposals for state, regional, national, and professional conferences.
  • Special Events: educational trips, guest speakers, and film events offer honors students learning opportunities outside the classroom.
  • Recognition: special recognition is given to honors students at the college’s annual Honors Day program and at the graduation ceremony.

Who can answer my questions?

The ABAC Honors Program is offered on both the main campus in Tifton and the instructional site in Bainbridge.

Dr. Cyndy Hall


Dr. Dave Nelson