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School of Arts and Sciences

The School of Arts and Sciences is the intellectual hub of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, providing all ABAC students the Core Curriculum and helping to develop their critical thinking, writing, and research skills. We offer two associate degrees, four bachelor’s degrees, and a number of different degree tracks that allow students to further specialize based upon their interests and goals.


The mission of the School of Arts and Sciences is to provide an educational foundation through student-focused teaching, engagement, and mentorship. Our comprehensive education prepares graduates for professional and civic life in a diverse and ever-changing society.

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Message from the Dean

portrait of Dean Matthew Anderson

Dr. Matthew Anderson

Dean of Arts and Sciences

Welcome to the School of Arts and Sciences at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC)! We greatly appreciate you taking the time to explore our website and learn more about our strong academic programs, engaging faculty, and talented students.

As ABAC’s largest academic school, the School of Arts and Sciences plays a key role in achieving the College’s vision of serving those students who are seeking a life-changing educational experience. As home to the Core Curriculum and a wide variety of strong academic programs, the School of Arts and Sciences is responsible for empowering ABAC students with a broad knowledge base and skill set that prepares them for success in their lives after college.

In the School of Arts and Sciences classes, students experience small class sizes and skilled faculty employing innovative pedagogical techniques. Much of the learning our students engage in, however, occurs well beyond the bounds of a traditional classroom. Indeed, students from the School of Arts and Sciences participate in internships, faculty-mentored research, study abroad and other experiential learning opportunities that help them grow, both intellectually and professionally. Arts and Sciences students graduate from ABAC ready to contribute to their communities and prepared to achieve their personal and professional goals.

The faculty of the School of Arts and Sciences are active scholars and artists, and gifted instructors and mentors. They take the time to get to know their students and work tirelessly toward their success. Within the School of Arts and Sciences at ABAC you will encounter a student-focused academic community that fosters the growth of all its members. We would love for you to join us.

Matthew J. Anderson, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Arts and Sciences

Departments and Programs

Female student using microscope

The School of Arts and Science understands that tackling the problems facing the world will require a collaboration of experts in the liberal arts, sciences, mathematics, health professions, humanities, and entrepreneurship. Your academic career at ABAC will be grounded in studies in each of these areas, preparing you to engage in solving the world’s problems through your area of expertise. By exploring the world of social and natural sciences, the arts and humanities, you will gain the foundational knowledge needed for your career and beyond. Our goal is for you to have a life-changing experience that allows you to leave ABAC ready to overcome any challenge and solve any problem.

The Departments of the School of Arts and Sciences collaborate to offer the Core Curriculum for all ABAC students. In addition to the Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology, Criminal Justice (eMajor), History and Government, Rural Community Development, and Writing and Communication, and the Associate of Fine Arts in Music (A.F.A.M.) degree, the School of Arts and Sciences offers Associate of Arts in Core Curriculum (A.A.) and Associate of Science in Core Curriculum (A.S.) degrees that prepare students for further study in many disciplines at ABAC or other colleges or universities.

Department of English and Communication
Explore English and Communication
Degrees and Tracks
Department of Fine Arts
Explore Fine Arts
Degrees and Tracks
  1. 1. Associate of Fine Arts in Music (A.F.A.M.)
Department of History and Political Science
Explore History and Political Science
Degrees and Tracks
Department of Rural Studies
Explore Rural Studies
Degrees and Tracks
  1. 1. Rural Community Development, B.S.
  2. 2. Criminal Justice, B.S.
Department of Science and Mathematics
Explore Science and Mathematics

The bachelor’s degree in Biology offers four tracks of study, biochemistry, general, pre-professional, and health sciences. These tracks allow the student to be most prepared for their next educational step.

bainbridge (1)

Instructional Site Offerings

The School of Arts and Sciences is proud to offer courses within our USG approved Core Curriculum at all ABAC instructional sites. At ABAC Bainbridge, students can complete the Associate of Science (A.S.) degree in the Core Curriculum (General Studies pathway). Full Bachelor of Science degree programs, the Associate of Fine Arts in Music, and the Core Curriculum A.A./A.S. degrees are available at ABAC Tifton.

Bainbridge-Tifton 2+2 Plans: Bainbridge-Tifton 2+2 Plans allow students to complete the first two years of their B.S. degree at ABAC Bainbridge and then transfer to ABAC Tifton for their final two years. Students pursuing these plans will work with faculty advisors within their disciplines at both sites to help ensure timely progress toward graduation. If the prescribed plan of study is followed, students will be able to complete the B.S. in four years, splitting their time equally across the ABAC Bainbridge and Tifton sites. Such 2+2 Plans are available for the B.S. degree programs in Biology, History & Government, and Writing & Communication.

Students and Alumni

Jordan Pittman

Jordan Pittman

My plan was just to stay at ABAC for one year and then leave, but I fell in love with the campus. I fell in love with the people and the professors. Simply, I fell in love with ABAC and what it had to offer. ABAC gave me the opportunity to be the person I was always meant to be.  The professors were so warm and encouraging but challenged you to push beyond your limits.  I can safely say that without those skills learned from ABAC that I would not have a job now. It was from my experiences in the classroom to even jobs I did on campus that allowed me to have such an easy transition to adult life in the workforce. If ABAC can promise you anything, it can promise that it will get you ready for the real world if you tap into the opportunities it has there. *Jordan now works for The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga as the GEAR UP Coordinator.
Jamie Worsley

Jamie Worsley

My favorite memories at ABAC all involve the time spent with Dr. Grant and the other Writing and Communication students traveling the country and world! These trips gave me a better perspective on the world and awarded opportunities to use what I was learning in the classroom. ABAC's Writing and Communication program has a reputation for producing capable and competent employees. Because of the experience I gained in class and in the studio under Dr. Grant's direction, I was able to move through the WALB station ranks from producer to multimedia journalist, then to fill-in anchor, and finally to anchor in just 2 years. I hope to one day use my degree to become a professor of Journalism and Mass Communication... maybe even at ABAC!
Abigail Guerra

Abigail Guerra

ABAC felt like home from the moment I enrolled. I love the community atmosphere it has. The teachers here are the best and always willing to help in any way they can. They have brought in speakers that have widened my horizons on the type of jobs I can get, and they have done a phenomenal job in preparing me for my future, and have inspired me to make a change and stand up for what I believe in wherever I decide to go next. I have made great memories and met some amazing people during my time here.
Caroline Sullivan

Caroline Sullivan

I love ABAC because of the "at home" atmosphere it has. Even though ABAC is an Ag-based school, it has introduced me to a variety of the programs it has to offer. I have had the privilege of becoming an ABAC Ambassador, a member of the Stallion Society and ATOM club. ABAC has guided and pushed me to become the best student I can be. Here at ABAC, you are truly a name, not just a number and the professors strive to know you on a personal level. ABAC has all the best features you are looking for in a college.
Elijah Alford

Elijah Alford

I love ABAC! I am so thankful for the resources that ABAC offers me. I know that when needed, I can always receive free tutoring, counseling, or advising.
Ja’Mi Barnes

Ja’Mi Barnes

Throughout my time at ABAC, I have been able to do things that I never thought I would ever be able to do. I've gone to conferences and been a part of many different organizations that have shaped my life forever. I love ABAC because I can go to a school where everyone is different from me. That continues to teach me about personal growth and really motivates me to become a better version of myself.
Hannah Lindmeier

Hannah Lindmeier

I chose ABAC for a few reasons, but mainly because after my first steps on campus, I knew I was home. There's something so special about coming over those railroad tracks and getting your first glimpse of campus, and that feeling never dimmed through my 4 years.  The support I had was incredible, and I owe so much of my success to Dr. Cathcart and to Dr. Deal.  The ability to foster relationships with professors made such a difference in my classes as I could be comfortable asking questions at any time and knew I would never be met with judgement, only explanations and understanding.  ABAC prepared me for my career in so many ways. The hands-on lab experience and small class sizes were one of the main reasons I came to ABAC, and it proved to be one of the most beneficial parts of my college career. *Hannah is now a Research Technician at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital’s Center for Genomic Medicine.
Hyland Schmidt

Hyland Schmidt

The music program is like a second home to me. I know my professors, and I get to interact with them on a daily basis. My professors are my mentors, and they are always looking out for me and my peers to make sure we are doing the absolute best we can do. Overall, ABAC, has all of the best features you want from a small college. I will definitely miss this campus and all of the people on it.
Ginger Bailey

Ginger Bailey

ABAC has provided me with many opportunities. The Honors Program, mentored research with professors, welcoming clubs and organizations, and being able to bring my horse to the stables on campus are just a few. Another perk of attending ABAC is the affordability which helps my family which has four children. The friends and memories I've made here are unforgettable and I'm so happy that ABAC is my school.
Anya Campbell

Anya Campbell

ABAC was a perfect choice for me.  I have made friends with an amazing group of people who support each other through all of our classes and tough times. It is an affordable, great school with a unique and tight-knit community that wants to see you succeed.
Candler Swain

Candler Swain

I love ABAC because of the community feel that it offers. It is a place where professors know your name and are eager to lend a hand or an ear. While ABAC may be an agricultural-based school, it has introduced me to a wide variety of topics that have diversified my interests.  
Michael Duvall

Michael Duvall

As a student in the writing and communication program, I have had exposure to many fields within the discipline. This has allowed me to gain knowledge and experience in areas ranging from broadcasting to rhetoric. I love that ABAC offers hands-on learning opportunities for students. Specifically, for students interested in writing, the Stallion newspaper, and Pegasus literary magazine. I've had the privilege of being published in both, and for that, I am grateful. Both organizations are student-run, giving you real-world experience. I'll cherish my time at ABAC long past graduation.
Trey Doss

Trey Doss

I chose ABAC because it was a part of my hometown. I didn’t want to go to a large university, and ABAC allowed me to continue my educational pursuit without moving to a big city.  I feel the relationships I made with my professors couldn’t have happened anywhere else. They really cared about me, my grades, and my well-being. It wasn’t just one time. This happened with multiple professors on multiple occasions. Education at ABAC was so individualized. My professors really took that next step in wanting every student to succeed. And now because of that, I’m prepared to attend Medical School. *Trey is now a student at Mercer University School of Medicine. 

Jobs and Internships

As young professionals, students are encouraged to learn beyond the classroom and gain valuable experience to prepare them for life. Our internship program provides students with a wide variety of learning opportunities in a structured and professional environment while receiving course credit. A large number of internships end with students receiving a full-time employment offer upon graduation.

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Job and Internship Portal
Museum Curator and Student Intern

Career Opportunities WITH

Agreements with Graduate and Professional School Programs

ABAC’s School of Arts and Sciences prides itself on preparing students for success, wherever their future paths take them. Of course, many careers will require additional training beyond ABAC. Regardless of your chosen major, the School of Arts and Sciences has established agreements with other institutions that can help open the door to the next step in your education.

Give now to the School of Arts and Sciences

Help support our mission of providing an educational foundation through student-focused teaching, engagement, and mentorship by giving to the School of Arts and Sciences today.


Farmers Market

We are a community-based farmers market in the heart of South Georgia, providing locally-grown and handmade products to locals and travelers alike, sold by farmers and artisans themselves. The market is sponsored by the Georgia Museum of Agriculture at ABAC, and is organized and managed by the ABAC School of Arts and Sciences. Conveniently located right off I-75, find us at the pole barn behind the Country Store.

Open every Saturday morning, 9 a.m. – 12 noon, April through July and October through Mid-November. The Market offers locally-grown produce (some organic), artisan breads, fresh eggs, jams/jellies, honey, nuts, plants, and more.

No admission is needed for the market, but you may choose to purchase admission to the museum and historic village to experience South Georgia’s rural heritage and ride the steam train!

Interested in becoming a vendor?

View our vendor guidelines here. 

Download our vendor application here.

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2802 Moore Hwy.
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