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The School of Arts and Sciences is the intellectual core of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, providing all ABAC students the Core Curriculum and helping to develop their critical thinking, writing, and research skills. We offer three associate degrees, four bachelor’s degrees, and a number of different degree tracks that allow students to further specialize based upon their interests and goals. The mission of the School of Arts and Sciences is to provide an educational foundation through student-focused teaching, engagement, and mentorship. Our comprehensive education prepares graduates for professional and civic life in a diverse and ever-changing society. Help support this mission by giving to the School of Arts and Sciences today!
Dean Matthew Anderson

Matthew Anderson

Dean of Arts and Sciences

Message from the Dean

Welcome to the School of Arts and Sciences at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC)! We greatly appreciate you taking the time to explore our website and learn more about our strong academic programs, engaging faculty, and talented students.

As ABAC’s largest academic school, the School of Arts and Sciences plays a key role in achieving the College’s vision of serving those students who are seeking a life-changing educational experience. As home to the Core Curriculum and a wide variety of strong academic programs, the School of Arts and Sciences is responsible for empowering ABAC students with a broad knowledge base and skill set that prepares them for success in their lives after college.

In School of Arts and Sciences classes, students experience small class sizes and skilled faculty employing innovative pedagogical techniques. Much of the learning our students engage in, however, occurs well beyond the bounds of a tradition classroom. Indeed, students from the School of Arts and Sciences participate in internships, faculty mentored research, study abroad and other experiential learning opportunities that help them grow, both intellectually and professionally. Arts and Sciences students graduate from ABAC ready to contribute to their communities and prepared to achieve their personal and professional goals.

The faculty of the School of Arts and Sciences are active scholars and artists, and gifted instructors and mentors. They take the time to get to know their students and work tirelessly toward their success. Within the School of Arts and Sciences at ABAC you will encounter a student-focused academic community that fosters the growth of all its members. We would love for you to join us.

Matthew J. Anderson, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Arts and Sciences

This school has provided me with many opportunities like the esteemed honors program, mentored research with professors, welcoming clubs and organizations, and being able to bring my horse to the stables on campus. Another perk of attending ABAC is its affordability which helps my family since I am one for four children. The friends and memories I've made here are unforgettable, and I'm so happy this school crossed my path.

Ginger Bailey

Biology (B.S.)
Class of 2020

As a writing and communication major, I received a hands-on experience through lectures and projects from world class professors. ABAC is a welcoming environment where faculty and staff strive day after day to fulfill the needs of its students. Anyone and everyone will find a home at ABAC. I am glad I found a place where I truly felt like I belonged.

Drayton Holmes

Writing and Communications (B.S.)
Class of 2018

The music program is like a second home to me. I know my professors, and I get to interact with them on a daily basis. My professors are my mentors, and they are always looking out for me and my peers to make sure we are doing the absolute best we can do. Overall, ABAC, has all of the best features you want from a small college. I will definitely miss this campus and all of the people on it.

Hyland Schmidt

Associate of Fine Arts in Music (A.F.A.M.)
Class of 2019


The School of Arts and Science understands that tackling the problems facing the world will require a collaboration of experts in the liberal arts, sciences, mathematics, health professions, humanities, and entrepreneurship. Your academic career at ABAC will be grounded in studies in each of these areas, preparing you to engage in solving the world's problems through your area of expertise. By exploring the world of social and natural sciences, the arts and humanities, you will gain the foundational knowledge needed for your career and beyond. Our goal is for you to have a life-changing experience that allows you to leave ABAC ready to overcome any challenge and solve any problem.

Students Experimenting in Lab

Department of Science and Mathematics

The Department of Science and Mathematics prepares students for a diverse range of careers and continued learning opportunities after graduation. From course work to hands-on laboratory experience, the Science and Mathematics Department aims to provide students with a comprehensive background and understanding of essential principles pertaining to their chosen field. Students will gain experience to effectively communicate applied aspects of scientific and mathematical theory and present the results of their work in both formal and informal settings. This is accomplished through engaging research, real-world application and experience, and mentorship throughout the program.
Explore Science and Mathematics Hyland Schmidt

Department of Rural Studies

ABAC believes in investing in rural communities and the Department of Rural Studies drives that involvement and commitment. We offer both a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in rural studies with emphasis on Social and Community Development. This interdisciplinary degree equips students with the skills necessary to create positive change in social, political, economic, and cultural aspects of rural communities. The program focuses on the importance of applying critical thinking skills, cultural understanding, and social responsibility to create change while providing numerous hands-on learning opportunities and internships. Graduates go on to work in a variety of fields including counseling and therapy, social work, community planning, public service, and family and child development.
Explore Rural Studies Hyland Schmidt

Department of History and Political Science

The Department of History and Political Science seeks to engage students and train them to be careful readers, creative thinkers, creative problem solvers, and clear communicators – all essential skills for success in contemporary life. History and Political Science students at ABAC have gone on to enjoy successful careers working in government affairs, the legal profession, multinational corporations, and much more. The faculty of the History and Political Science departments are particularly excited to off courses in ABAC’s, and Georgia’s only, combined major in History and Government. Under this degree, students will take a balance of both History and Political Science courses to explore fundamental issues relating to race, political theory, international relations, economic development, violence, sexuality, political behavior, and more. A wide range of electives are also offered to enable students to tailor the degree to their specific career goals. The History and Government major has been designed to enable students to enter the workforce as critical thinkers and strong communicators or to prepare them for further studies at graduate or law school.


Explore History and Political Science Hyland Schmidt

Department of Fine Arts

The Fine Arts department at ABAC offers a liberal arts approach to a well rounded education with concentrations in music, art, and theater. Students will have the chance to develop their artistic talents to a professional level while expanding opportunities and knowledge that enhance the quality of life in every community. The cultural heartbeat of ABAC is fueled by the Fine Arts department, providing access to participate and experience extra-curricular activities for course credit or simply for personal enjoyment. Students have the opportunity to participate in performance groups such as the Concert Choir and Band, Baldwin Players, and the Art Students League.
Explore Fine Arts Hyland Schmidt

Department of English and Communication

The Department of English and Communication offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Writing and Communication and Agriculture Communication. Students will develop as critical thinkers and gain skills in both written and oral communication through encouragement to explore ideas thoroughly and critically from all vantage points and a wide-ranging liberal arts education. Developing strong communication skills is at the core of the English and Communication department. Students are provided consistent opportunities to hone their academic and professional writing and group communication skills both in and out of the classroom. Access to internship and work opportunities connects academic coursework with real life experience to best prepare students after graduation for fields such as broadcast and print journalism, creative disciplines, and further studies in graduate school.


Explore English and Communication Hyland Schmidt
The ABAC Music Department will do everything within our power to ensure student success. There are a variety of options that students can choose from to participate in music at ABAC and all groups are open to all students on campus, not just music majors. We perform across the state of Georgia and beyond on a regular basis. We create a supportive environment where students will push each other and thrive in their musical and academic learning.  If you are looking for a wonderful place to continue your musical growth, ABAC is the place for you! 

Dr. Scotty Phillips

Assistant Professor of Jazz

At ABAC, I work mainly with students in Writing and Communication, and Agricultural Communication, mentoring students in the areas of Creative Writing and Rhetoric. I also teach in the Rural Community Development program. I'm on the Board of Directors for the Southeastern Writers Association, and I'm also Vice-Chair of the Board for the leadership program of Locate South Georgia, an economic development consortium of 21 counties in South Georgia. 

Dr. Sandra Giles

Professor of English and Communication

I am so fortunate to be a part of ABAC, the college my dad attended, that I try to help and provide experiences for students in many ways.  Throughout my many years of college, I have had some amazing professors whose teaching methods, guidance, and attitudes have helped me.  I try to give ABAC students the same experiences I had by getting them to see the overall picture of why scientific things that they encounter daily happen.  I encourage them to be inquisitive and always seek answers to natural phenomena. 

Dr. Kennon Deal

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

My background is in counseling and social work, so I know the need for skilled professionals that have a passion for helping others. I also work with a Wellness committee on campus looking to develop programs to help students adjust to college and to thrive in this challenging stage of life. I'm so excited about what is on the horizon for our students studying Social & Community Development as well as our newer degree in Community Health ~ we hope you will come see what we have to offer!

Suzanne Smith

Lecturer of Psychology and Sociology

Job Placement

As young professionals, students are encouraged to learn beyond the classroom and gain valuable experience to prepare them for life. Our internship program provides students with a wide variety of learning opportunities in a structured and professional environment, while receiving course credit. A large number of internships end with students receiving a full-time employment offer upon graduation.

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