ABOUT Policy

Policies and procedures that apply to all University System of Georgia and Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College students, faculty, and staff are developed and approved through appropriate governance and administrative processes and maintained by the offices responsible for their implementation.  Links to many individual policy manuals, libraries, and sites are provided below.

Note: Schools, units, and some offices may have additional policies or procedures that apply only to their students, faculty, or staff. Questions about unit-specific policies should be directed to the individual unit.

University System of Georgia Policy

The Georgia Constitution grants the Board of Regents the exclusive right to govern, control, and manage the University System of Georgia (“USG”) and all USG institutions. The Board exercises and fulfills its constitutional obligations, in part, by promulgating rules and policies for the governance of the USG and its constituent units

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Policy

ABAC Policy is considered an addendum to policy of the Board of Regents (BoR) of the University System of Georgia (USG). Therefore, USG Policy is more comprehensive than is ABAC policy, which only exists to substantiate BoR policy or provide more explicit, institutionally-specific guidance on selected matters. Should there be discrepancies, USG policy supersedes ABAC policy in all cases. ABAC policy follows the same organization scheme and numbering as does USG policy.

ABAC Policy Table of Contents

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Section 1: Introduction:

Section 2: Institutional Governance:

Section 3: Academic Affairs:

Section 4: Student Affairs:

Section 5: Public Service:

Section 6:  Campus Affairs:

Section 7:  Finance and Business:

Section 8: Personnel:

Section 9: Facilities:

Section 10: Information, Records, and Publication:

 Section 11: Information Technology:

Section 12: Miscellaneous:

Section 13: Changes: