Alumni Association

ABOUT Alumni Association

The Association is chartered to:

  • Seek out and encourage well-qualified young people to attend ABAC.
  • Develop a better understanding and appreciation among the general public as to the contribution ABAC makes to the economic, social, cultural and spiritual life of Georgia.
  • Work with the ABAC administration in recruiting and retaining well-qualified and capable faculty members.
  • Sponsor the annual homecoming activities and events.
  • Work with the ABAC administration and the ABAC Foundation, Inc. to secure funds which will strengthen and enrich the educational and extracurricular programs of the College.
  • Advise and counsel with the ABAC administration relative to the feelings of the alumni and general public concerning Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College.
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When you give back to ABAC, you are making an investment in current and future students that has a lasting impact. Every gift is used to directly support the mission of the College.

Your Alumni Association dues allow us to provide scholarships, student and alumni awards, reunions, and meaningful programming.

The progress and innovation experienced at ABAC continue to be possible through the generosity of our alumni. We rely on alumni like you to help guide our college toward future success.

We hope you will join us as we continue to write a story of excellence at ABAC.

Membership Fees (20% can be designated to your school)

Single/Friend – Annual $35

Couple/Friends – Annual $60

Single/Friend Lifetime $500

Couple/Friends Lifetime $750

Boards and Councils

ABAC Alumni Association
The Alumni Board of Directors supports the mission of the ABAC Alumni Association which is to strengthen and enrich the educational and extracurricular programs of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College and to maximize the contribution to the economic, social, and cultural life of Georgia and the Southeastern United States.  


2019-2020 Alumni Board Members
Dan Hobby, President Class of 2004  
Marcus Pollard, President-Elect Class of 2001
Niki Vanderslice, Past-President Class of 2000
Julie Rucker, Secretary Class of 1990
Rick Bostelman, Golden Alumni Representative Class of 1966
Chad Hancock, Ag Alumni Representative Class of 1995
Kaytlyn Malia, Young Alumni Representative Class of 2016  
Jordan James, Student Alumni Representative Class of 2020 
Kathy Moreno, Business Alumni Council Representative Class of 1993
Pam Haskins, Nursing Alumni Council Representative Class of 1991 
Brad Barbee, Area 1 Class of 1999
Matt Murphy, Area 1 Class of 2005
Jill Lefever-Robins, Area 1 Class of 1993
Randi Walden, Area 2 Class of 2010
Matt Bridges, Area 2 Class of 2016
Paula Lewis, Area 2 Class of 2010 
Demarcus Bateman, Area 3 Class of 2015
Don McGough, Area 3 Class of 1996  
Anthony Williams, Area 3 Class of 2008
Melissa Pierzchajlo, At Large Class of 2002
Monika Griner, At Large Class of 1988 
Ernesto Ortiz-Oriza, At Large Class of 2006 
Suzanne Bentley, Faculty/Staff Class of 2013  
Sallie McHugh, Faculty/Staff Class of 2005
Donna Campbell, Faculty/Staff
Lynda Fisher, Executive Director Class of 1989  
David Bridges, Ex-officio Class of 1978  
Paul Williams, Ex-officio  
Jodie R. Snow, Ex-officio Class of 2000  

Emeritus Members
David Carlson, Emeritus Class of 1966  
Jane Gibbs, Emeritus Class of 1952  
Wanda Grogan, Emeritus Class of 1962  
Jimmy Grubbs, Emeritus Class of 1965  
Virginia Hart, Emeritus Class of 1968  
Andrea Willis, Emeritus Retired Faculty  
Elaine S. Wright, Emeritus Class of 1950  
Donna Miller, Emeritus Posthumously


School of Ag and Natural Resource Alumni Council
The School of Agriculture and Natural Resources is comprised of three departments – Agriculture, Education, and Forest Resources.  To best represent the entire school, we are changing our alumni council name from Ag Alumni Council to Ag and Natural Resources Alumni Council.   

2018-19 Ag and Natural Resources Alumni Council
Chad Hancock, Chair
Josh Pitts, Chair-Elect
Marcus Pollard, Past Chair  
Jim Anderson
Cliff Bowden
Joy Crosby
Matt Parks
David Rushing
Jazmin Thomas
Brittney Turner
Savannah Banner, Agriculture Student Representative
Lauren Braddy, Education Student Representative
Jonah Smith, Forest Resources Student Representative
Dr. Farish Mulkey, Education Faculty Representatives
Dr. Matt Carroll, Forest Resources Faculty Representatives
Dr. Erin Porter, Agriculture Faculty Representatives
Dr. Mark Kistler, SANR Dean, Ex-Officio
Dr. Deidre Martin, Chief Development Officer, Ex-Officio
Lynda Fisher, Alumni Director, Ex-Officio
Suzanne Bentley, Ex-Officio
Vonda Fenn, Ex-Officio
Darvin Eason, Emeritus
George N. Turk, Emeritus

Ag Alumni Council Bylaws 



Student Alumni Council
The Student Alumni Council serves as a liaison between students and alumni of ABAC.  The Student Alumni Council works closely with the Alumni Association in promoting student and alumni relations. They play an integral part in planning and implementing Homecoming activities.  

2018-2019 Members
Accacia Lawson
Ally Tankersley
Hannah Rose
Michael DuVall
Ronald Pugh
Jordyn James
Lauren Brenneman
Aubrey Rife
Emily Quincey
Mikayla Robinson
Nicole Taylor
Summer Stephenson
Andrew McBrayer
Hannah Lindmeier



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Lifetime Members

A special thanks to those listed below who have become Lifetime Members of the Alumni Association.  Along with members who give annually, lifetime members’ financial support assists the many activities of the Alumni Association.

Contact Information

Alumni House

ABAC 13, 2802 Moore Hwy., Tifton, GA 31793