ABOUT Technology

Information Technology’s primary mission is to deliver reliable, secure, and high-quality services to ABAC constituents, in addition to providing the greatest value and supporting the objectives and strategies of the institution. Our goal is to exceed expectations in providing easy-to-use, seamless, and safe technologies; supporting easy communication methods; and making available intuitive and useful access to information and services to enable success for academic outcomes. Included in this strategic area are elements of our campus infrastructure focused on information security, privacy, and the safety of all.

IT strives to be a strategic partner in the successful completion of technology projects and programs that bring success and improved technology platforms, through strong communication, engagement, partnership, cooperation, and collaboration.

IT Mission & Values

Mission & Vision Statement

IT@ABAC is a unified information technology organization that seeks to utilize modern IT resources and approaches to support and enhance the strategic direction of the College. We desire to be strategic partners with all ABAC units in helping them to achieve the strategic goals of the College.

Values Statement

The IT@ABAC commits to fostering a community of inclusive excellence through strategic leadership and service of the highest quality. To accomplish this, we will respect all individuals, act with professionalism and integrity, maintain high standards of quality, and provide a service orientation in our work.

IT Strategic Goals & Initiatives

  1. Take a strategic approach to IT planning and operations by adopting IT industry standards and approaches, while aligning IT@ABAC with College strategies and goals.
  2. Adopt Software as a Service as a standard approach whenever possible with new applications, and seek to migrate legacy applications to SaaS if possible.
  3. Select vendor built and supported applications over homegrown applications.
  4. Seek alignment between projects and services and the needs of academic units with a clear alignment between defined unit goals and the work of IT staff.
  5. Provide high-availability server and storage infrastructure and services with redundancy, failover and load balancing for all mission-critical applications.
  6. Provide an IT infrastructure for networks, servers, and applications such that we could achieve a high score on a security audit of critical administrative applications.
  7. Move applications to vendor-hosted and/or cloud-based servers and storage when possible and focus IT personnel work on data and application integration.
  8. Provide high-availability data and voice networks through a robust and reliable network and server infrastructure that follows industry standards and architecture.
  9. Improve customer service and be known as a division that is pro-active as well as responsive in aligning IT resources with the needs of College units.

Contact Information


ABAC 31, 2802 Moore Highway, Tifton, GA 31793