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Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

Recognized Student Organizations

Take a look at the 60+ clubs and organizations at ABAC listed below.

Also, InsideABAC – Clubs and Organizations is a place where you can find all resources your club will need to have a successful semester. This site is for current students and advisors only, so you must log in to access this information.

Recognized Student Organization Categories

Category 2

Category 2 Clubs - Institutional

ABAC Ambassadors
Campus Activities Board (CAB)
Phi Theta Kappa
Student Government Association (SGA)
The Stallion Newspaper

Category 2 Representative
SGA Executive Vice President Taelor Hill 


All Clubs Operating on the Bainbridge Campus

Adroit Creative Arts Journal-Bainbridge

Bainbridge Clubs Representative
Bainbridge Executive Vice President Colby Whitaker

Category 3

Category 3 Clubs - Academically-Allied

School of Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR)

Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow (ACT) Forestry
Agricultural Engineering Technology (AET) Horseman’s Association
Agripreneurs Horticulture
Agronomy MANRRS
Bee Keepers SANR Leaders
Cattlemen’s Turf
Collegiate FFA Alumni Chapter Wildlife Society

School of Agriculture and Natural Resources Representatives
ANR Senators Ivey Cook and Brooke Vanzant

School of Arts and Sciences (AS)

Criminal Justice Club
Education Club
Helping Professions Association
Fine Arts Music Club
STEM Affiliates

School of Arts and Sciences Representatives
AS Senators Lauren Brenneman  and Madison Newell

School of Nursing and Health Sciences (NHS)

Georgia Association of Nursing Students (GANS)

School of Nursing and Health Sciences Representatives
NHS Senators Colton Mizell and Reagan Pate

Stafford School of Business (SSB)

Stafford School of Business Club

Stafford School of Business Representatives
SSB Senators Tucker Parrish and Brooke Patry

Category 4

Category 4 Clubs - Recognized Student Organizations

ABAC Homelessness Project
Adventurer’s Guild
Agri-Life Council
Baptist Collegiate Ministries
Bass Fishing
Circle K International
College Democrats
College Republicans
Cultura LatinX
Greek Council
History & Government
Homelessness Project
International Student Association
Mock Trial
Pre-Dental Society
Pre-Vet Club
Residence Hall Association
Shooting Sports
Stallion Society Orientation Leaders
Student Alumni Council
Women in Business
Young Democratic Socialists of America

Category 4 Representative
Category 4 RSO Chair Sara Michael Spradley

Clubs & Organizations


Helps prepare students for professional schools in the medical field and helps to improve their resumes through volunteer opportunities.

ABAC Ambassadors

The Ambassadors are a group of students chosen to represent ABAC at a variety of functions. Ambassadors are selected at the beginning of each fall semester for their enthusiasm, premier leadership ability, and exceptional communication skills. The ABAC Ambassadors provide official campus tours, host visiting dignitaries, and assist with on-campus functions.

ABAC Homelessness Project

The ABAC Homelessness Project was established in May of 2022 to address homelessness as an issue.


The SANR Leaders are a select group of exceptional student leaders who proudly represent the School of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Adroit Creative Arts Journal-Bainbridge

A very brief description about this club can go here. Keep it short and let them wish to discover a little bit more information.

Adventurer’s Guild

Promote and organize the hobby of social gaming among ABAC students, staff, and the community.


Create a community of student interested in agriculture.

Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow (ACT)

Provides interest in the profession of agricultural communication on the campus, the state and on national and international levels.

Agricultural Engineering Technology (AET) 

The official organization for students interested in agricultural equipment and technologies at ABAC.


Affiliated with the National Agri-Marketing Association and Georgia Farm Bureau to promote interest in the field of ag and applied business.


The ABAC Agronomy Club is affiliated with SASES, Students of Agronomy, Soils, & Environmental Sciences to promote interest and education in the field of production agriculture.

Baptist Collegiate Ministries

Encourage students with Christian fun and fellowship.

Bass Fishing

Pursuing the enhancement of the sport of bass fishing.

Bee Keepers

Spread awareness of the importance of bee keeping.

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

Any student can become a member of CAB. This club plans and administers recreational, social, cultural, and educational activities for students.


Develop character, leadership, and fellowship among ABAC students through the promotion of the cattle industry.

Circle K International

Circle K aims to be the leading global community-service organization on college and university campuses that enriches the world one member, one child and one community at a time.

College Democrats

Organizing the participation of Democratic college students at Abraham Baldwin Agriculture College (ABAC).

College Republicans

To make known and promote the principles of the Republican Party among members of the school campus and community. 

Collegiate FFA Alumni Chapter

FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

Criminal Justice Club

Provides assistance in career development, professional networking, and preparation for the Criminal Justice profession. 

Cultura LatinX

Unifies the ABAC community through social, cultural, and academic awareness, and to embrace individuals from different backgrounds and ethnicities.

Education Club

Provides opportunities for professional growth and development through leadership, fellowship, and stewardship.


Engage the students of Stafford School of Business to become entrepreneurial leaders.


Organization dedicated to the advancement of the forestry profession. 

Georgia Association of Nursing Students (GANS)

This co-curricular club will ensure the promotion of the Associate Degree Registered Nurse program at ABAC by providing an opportunity for development of leadership and service.

Greek Council

ABAC recognizes the value of social Greek organizations as a co-curricular experience that provides students with unique leadership and social opportunities.


Actively brings students of different sexual and gender identities together by serving as a constructive medium, which encourages the campus community to explore their relationship with humanity.

Helping Professions Association

This club provides assistance in career development, professional networking and preparation for the helping profession.

History & Government

We gather to discuss, debate, and consider topics related to history and politics. We also travel to historical and political sites on a regular basis, including museums and government institutions.

Horsemen’s Association

The ABAC Horsemen’s Association is the unifying voice on campus for anyone with a passion for horses. Whether you own them or just simply have a passion for them, then the ABAC Horsemen’s Association welcomes you! Follow us on Facebook to keep up with all upcoming events and meetings!


The Horticulture Club provides activities in the club in accordance with the highest ethical standards of Horticulture.


Promotes and increases the involvement of minority students on ABAC’s campus as well as throughout the community.


Promote inclusion and advancement of members of ethnic/cultural groups in ag, natural resources and related sciences.