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ABAC’s vision for the future is a powerful one, and it cannot be realized without the philanthropic support and engagement of alumni, friends, foundations, and corporations who are the key to turning dreams into reality. 

Join us as we continue to write a story of excellence at ABAC.

Give to ABAC

An Evening for ABAC

An Evening for ABAC began in 1972 as a special concert to assist in the funding for the construction of the Chapel of All Faiths.  In the 47 years since, this annual scholarships benefit continues to provide students with the opportunity to pursue their educational dreams through the scholarships it supports.  For more information, contact the ABAC Foundation Office at 229.391.4900.

An Evening for ABAC will be on Saturday, February 29, 2020.

College Priorities

ABAC seeks alumni and friends who envision ABAC’s potential and will invest to provide the resources necessary for its continued advancement.

Listing of Foundation Funds


Unrestricted Giving/Annual Fund
Unrestricted funds provide ABAC with the flexibility to respond to ever-changing needs and to take advantage of new opportunities.  Whether committed to such critical areas as financial aid, faculty scholarship, or program enrichment, unrestricted gifts make it possible for the College’s leaders to address challenges and undertake new initiatives.

Student Success
Support for scholarships and engaged learning allows ABAC to attract the most academically qualified students and to ensure those with financial needs to enter their productive years without the burden of oppressive student debt. Engaged learning opportunities play a key role in a student’s educational experience at ABAC through internships, mentored research and study abroad opportunities.

Faculty and Staff
ABAC’s most important priority is people.  Attracting and retaining the most talented faculty and staff has made the College the national leader it is today, and philanthropy is crucial to building on a strong foundation of success.  From endowed chairs and professorships to support for academic departments and support offices, your gift will make a deep and lasting impact on ABAC.

Facilities and Equipment
Facilities are the foundations of greatness in interdisciplinary scholarship, teaching and learning, athletics, campus enrichment, and student life.  ABAC is committed to providing the most modern, technologically advanced, and sustainable facilities.

Endowments provide the College with a financial foundation for the future.  Through sound investment in a balanced portfolio, earnings from permanent endowments generate a steady flow of funding.  An endowed gift is one in which the original principal is never invaded and the gift exists in perpetuity. A minimum commitment of $25,000 is required to establish an endowed fund.

Contact Information

Alumni House

ABAC 13, 2802 Moore Hwy., Tifton, GA 31793