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While ABAC has grown significantly throughout the years, Agriculture remains at the core of our foundation. The Department of Agriculture at ABAC offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Agriculture, Agribusiness, and Environmental Horticulture. The department is guided by seventeen full-time faculty members who provide instruction in essential agriculture knowledge, agribusiness, agricultural engineering, agronomy, animal science, horticulture, pest management, and turf science.

Agriculture students have numerous chances to apply their knowledge on campus at the 400-acre J.G. Woodroof Farm and 9-hole Forest Lakes Golf Club. Students can also get involved in some of the thirteen student led organizations supported by the department and enhance their knowledge while networking with agriculture professionals. Internships also play an integral role in the Department of Agriculture and often lead to job offers for students. We are proud to boast more than 90% job placement rate for our students after graduation.

ABACs agriculture program attracts students from all over the Southeast and beyond with graduates representing our school across the entire nation. Students have enjoyed success in a variety of agriculture related fields from farm management and systems building to pro golf turf management, horticultural design, and so much more.

Degrees and Tracks

Agribusiness (B.S.)

Agribusiness represents 16% of Georgia’s employment base and operates as $72 billion industry in the state. In Florida, agribusiness represents $145 billion in industry. There is plenty of work to be done at the intersection of agriculture and business.

Students who choose to pursue their Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness will learn the principles central to managing land, people, and money in relation to agriculture. They will gain understanding of how to produce a profit while serving the greater public and protecting our natural renewable resources.

This highly sought-after degree leads to a huge variety of career paths within agriculture including sales and marketing, government service, agricultural economics, financial institutions serving agriculture related industry, and production firms such as farms, ranches, and livestock feed companies.

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Agriculture (B.S.)

Students who choose to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture will be prepared for a range of careers in production agriculture systems.

Studies will include the principles of managing land, people, capital, and other resources to create a profitable, sustainable system of food and energy production. The 400-acre Woodroof Farm serves as a primary classroom for students in the Agriculture program. Hands on experience on campus and through our agribusiness partners in the community provide students with tactical skills applicable on day one in the workforce. Graduates have found success at a variety of businesses who manufacture, produce, market, process, and support agricultural-related products and services.

Agricultural Technology and System Management

Hay Bailing by Lakeside

The Agricultural Technology and System Management track is for students to study to advance and preserve the future of farming in our country. Students will learn to combine an understanding of agricultural, biological, and physical sciences with business, managerial, and technical skills to create solutions for more effective crop production and farm management.

Potential career paths include technical positions with a focus on production, processing, and manufacturing of agricultural materials which may focus on irrigation, equipment design, crop production, and much more.

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Animal Science

Successful completion of the Animal Science track of Agriculture will enable students to apply for acceptance into graduate animal science programs needing a strong emphasis on sciences. Careers for which students will have met requirements include careers in extension, animal feed industry, animal health industry and animal production. Students will combine an understanding of the agricultural (strong emphasis on food animal and equine species) sciences as well as biological sciences needed for pre-professional programs and graduate programs.*

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Crop Production


Those seeking to pursue careers on farms will find the skills they need in the Crop Production program. Students will be exposed to a diversified curriculum to learn the skills necessary for successful management of land, people, and money while servicing the consuming public and protecting natural renewable resources.

Graduates go on to pursue careers in all aspects of crop management and production including crop consulting, farm management, and a variety of other agriculture related business.

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Crop and Soil Science

Students repairing pipes

Students pursuing a degree in Agriculture with a focus on Crop and Soil Science will learn the essential elements of managing land, crops, pests, people, and money to maintain healthy, successful farms through a better understanding of the science beneath the surface.

Curriculum also includes the courses necessary to prepare students to pursue their Master’s of Plant Protection and Pest Management degree as well as other vital paths in plant and soil sciences.

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General Agriculture

Students planting flowers

The General Agricultural track is a smart choice for those who know they want to work in the agriculture industry, but are not sure in what capacity.

This degree path provides a diversified curriculum that can be turned into a variety of career options or paths for  further study. Students will learn the essential principles of managing land, people, money, and resources to remain profitable while conserving resources and serving the public.

Career options are broad but can range from working with financial institutions serving the industry to livestock and seed sales and so many more.

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Livestock Production

Donkey and Cow

Students interested in working with the agricultural side of animal production will gain the knowledge and necessary skills for success through the Livestock Production track.

Students will learn the intricacies of successfully raising, maintaining, and distributing healthy livestock and how to feed and clothe our ever-increasing population for the future. This focus on livestock management partnered with a strong understanding of basic agricultural principles prepares graduates for success in the field.

Career possibilities range from hands-on livestock production to sales and marketing, agricultural economic positions, and more.

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Environmental Horticulture (B.S.)

The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Horticulture prepares graduates for careers in the green industry.  Depending on the track selected, students are prepared for careers in golf or sports turf, landscaping, or for furthering their education in graduate school.  Employment opportunities in the green industry are readily available for graduates.

Turf and Ornamental

Horticulture Club flower arrangement

Students with an eye for design and a green thumb will find the Turfgrass and Ornamental track of the Environmental Horticulture degree fun, challenging, and rewarding.

Studies include turf management and production, landscape design, professional lawn care, and ornamental plants.

Career opportunities range widely in the green industry from professional landscape design to greenhouse management and a variety of others.

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Turfgrass and Golf Course Management

Turf Student mowing grass

For students with a love of sports and horticultural studies, the Turfgrass and Golf Course Management track provides the opportunity to create a lucrative career with a truly unique office setting.

This program provides students with an expert understanding of the technical requirements necessary to produce and maintain healthy surfaces for golf courses and other turf sports and how to best design and manage them.

ABAC’s 9-hole Forest Lakes Golf Club provides a hands-on learning experience for students to practice what they learn in the classroom before entering their careers. Graduates enjoy success in the green industry working in golf and sports turf, professional lawn care, and grounds management.

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Turfgrass Science

ABAC turf students

The scientific study of turf plays a vital role in maintaining healthy surfaces for sports and large grounds. Our Turfgrass Science track prepares students for success in this field.

Coursework covers elemental principles of crop and soil science, horticulture, and turfgrass, creating a wide range of potential for students to find enriching work or continue their studies in graduate school. Students will get hands-on experience through the chance to work on our 9-hole Forest Lakes Golf Club as well as through internships and our community partnerships.

Career options include work with golf courses, athletic organizations, commercial properties, school and colleges, and a diverse network of related horticultural and agronomic services.

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Students may earn a minor in discipline areas where majors are offered at the bachelor’s level if they complete the required 15 to 18 semester hours of coursework, 9 semester hours of which must be 3000- or 4000-level courses. Courses taken in Core Areas A through E may not be counted as coursework in the minor.

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