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Academic Programs
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Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College is a unique, intimate learning environment where students are given the tools to embrace their full potential and pursue their aspirations through a true hands-on education.

While growing up in Tift County, I always thought I'd move away for college. As time progressed, I became nervous about going to a big university, so I took a tour at ABAC. I immediately felt at home. The ambassador's big pitch was family and that's what ABAC is, a big family! This is why I love it here.

Shamiyah Williams

Tifton, GA
History and Government
Class of 2022

ABAC provides many opportunities for students to grow and learn. The close connection with professors gives students the opportunity to network among associates who provide resources to benefit their future careers. The education ABAC is giving me has provided me with qualifications and hands-on work experience within my career. ABAC is a college of opportunities for all students.

Sandra Mendoza

Pearson, GA
Rural Community Development, Social & Community Development - B.S.
Class of 2022

ABAC has been my second home. In my four years here, I was an officer for three clubs and served as a senator for the Student Government Association. I have met some of my best friends at ABAC and will be a bridesmaid in one of my roommates' wedding! ABAC has such a great reputation and my ABAC experience will benefit me in my future because it has prepared me to teach 6-12th grades when I graduate. Thank you, ABAC, for the best four years of my life.  

Caitlyn Corbran

Parrish, FL
Ag Education - B.S.
Class of 2020

As a student in the writing and communication program, I have had exposure to many fields within the discipline. This has allowed me to gain knowledge and experience in areas ranging from broadcasting to rhetoric. I love that ABAC offers hands-on learning opportunities for students. Specifically, for students interested in writing, the Stallion newspaper, and Pegasus literary magazine. I've had the privilege of being published in both, and for that, I am grateful. Both organizations are student-run, giving you real-world experience. I'll cherish my time at ABAC long past graduation.

Michael Duvall

Sycamore, GA
Writing and Communication - B.S.
Class of 2020

I love ABAC because it has allowed me to pursue my dream of becoming a Registered Nurse in the comfort of my hometown. I also love ABAC because the class sizes are fairly small and allow you more one-on-one interaction with your professors. My ABAC education is preparing me for what lies ahead once I receive my degree. Graduating from ABAC’s nursing program will give me an advantage over other nurses who did not receive their education from ABAC.

Hannah Barry

Tifton, GA
Nursing - R.N.
Class of 2020

It is the best place to study that I could have asked for because students and professors are always ready to help inside and outside of class.  

Vivek Patel

Tifton, GA
Biology, Health Science - B.S.
Class of 2022

I love ABAC because I love the small-town feel, and the people here are really amazing. ABAC has so many learning opportunities, and they are not just in the classroom, they're all around you. ABAC even offers access to an onsite farm, where we can learn and do more hands-on learning. Also, I do not know of many colleges that have cattle right outside the dorms! It's a great agricultural atmosphere, and you're around a lot of other students and professors who love it just as much as you do!

Kate Goodwin

Fairmount, GA
Agriculture/Live Stock Production - B.S.
Class of 2020

At ABAC I have been able to make lifelong friendships that will last forever. I am so thankful for the opportunities and doors that have been opened for me. For example, the STEPS program helped me be able to complete my internship at both the state and national capitol buildings. All of my Agricultural Communication classes and their professors were very instrumental in giving me the foundational knowledge for becoming a successful communicator. These skills have prepared me to begin my graduate degree in Public Administration, and I look forward to working in governmental affairs in the future!

Jane Anne Veazey

Tifton, GA
Agricultural Communication - B.S.
Class of 2020

School of Agriculture and Natural Resources

The School of Agriculture and Natural Resources leads the South in advancing the agriculture field through hands-on experience and rigorous academic preparation. We offer six baccalaureate programs as well as small class sizes, high quality instructors, and many opportunities for hands-on learning. We pride ourselves on complementing  our...

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School of Arts and Sciences

The School of Arts and Sciences is the intellectual hub of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, providing all ABAC students the Core Curriculum and helping to develop their critical thinking, writing, and research skills. We offer three associate degrees, four bachelor’s degrees, and a number of different degree tracks...

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School of Nursing and Health Sciences

The School of Nursing and Health Sciences offers two widely sought after degrees in healthcare for both beginning undergraduate students and current healthcare professionals. We are proud to boast one of the highest NCLEX RN pass rates in the state and a 100% employment rate for our graduates....

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Stafford School of Business

The Stafford School of Business offers students a comprehensive and pragmatic approach to the principals of the business world and provides a strong foundation for growth and success in a variety of fields. Our macro level approach to instruction exposes students to a holistic view of markets and...

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Site Locations

Our home is in Tifton, a thriving rural community in the heart of South Georgia. With four other instructional site locations in Bainbridge, Moultrie, Blakely, and Donalsonville, students have a range of options when building their educational path.

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September 8 2020

ABAC Nursing Classes Reach Highest Total Ever

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September 9 2020

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