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School of Arts and Sciences

Science and Mathematics

The Department of Science and Mathematics prepares students for a diverse range of careers and continued learning opportunities after graduation.

From course work to hands-on laboratory experience, the Science and Mathematics Department aims to provide students with a comprehensive background and understanding of essential principles pertaining to their chosen field.

Students will gain experience to effectively communicate applied aspects of scientific and mathematical theory and present the results of their work in both formal and informal settings. This is accomplished through engaging research, real-world application and experience, and mentorship throughout the program.

Biology (B.S.)

The bachelor’s degree in Biology offers four tracks of study, biochemistry, general, pre-professional, and health sciences. These tracks allow the student to be most prepared for their next educational step.


The Biochemistry degree track is designed for students pursuing professional careers in medicine, pharmaceutical positions, or advanced degrees in chemistry, biochemistry, or biology. This track provides the foundation necessary for students to successfully continue their studies after graduating from ABAC.

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Biological Sciences

The Biological Sciences track prepares students for the diverse potential of work as a biologist. This career path implements important research to help discover new cures for disease, eliminate famine, minimize human impact on our climate, increase global life expectancies, and implement biological knowledge across disciplines to impact lives for the better while also protecting our planet. Biologists are employed across the vocational spectrum with a diversity of jobs available from military and government agencies to agriculture, law, and more.

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Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies is a track under the Biology Bachelor of Science degree that will help prepare students for careers in environmental policy. Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary field that draws on courses from the natural sciences, as well as the social sciences and even the humanities. This interdisciplinarity helps address the complex nature of contemporary environmental issues.

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Health Sciences

The Health Sciences track focuses on the important work of studying how the human body is impacted by biological factors and the steps necessary to keep it healthily maintained. Students interested in professions such as physical or occupational therapy, physician assistance, athletic training, and other clinical related fields will find the Health Science track prepares them to enter the workforce or confidently continue their studies in graduate school.

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The Pre-Professional track provides an essential and comprehensive framework for those interested in pursuing continued professional education. Students who graduate from the Pre-Professional track go on to study medicine, dentistry, veterinary fields, forensic science, and a multitude of other clinical related fields.

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Regents' Engineering Pathway

The Regents’ Engineering Pathway (REP) Program was established in 1986 to expand the availability of engineering education opportunities for Georgians. In its current structure, students complete two or more years of engineering pathway courses at University System of Georgia (REP Partner) institutions and then transfer to Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia Southern University, Kennesaw State University, Mercer University or the University of Georgia to complete a B.S. degree in Engineering.

In 2016-17 there were four ABAC students who applied to Georgia Tech for transfer from ABAC and all four were admitted!

  • Students interested in more information should contact Mr. Shawn Seat at or 229.391.5127.

Regional Science and Engineering Fair