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Multicultural Education

Migrant Education Program Consortium (MEP)

ABAC’s Migrant Education Program Consortium currently serves eligible migrant students (ages 3 – 22) in Georgia’s non-direct funded counties.  The goal is to assure that all eligible Migrant students are receiving appropriate supplemental services to reach their academic potential.

Key Elements of Program

  • Identify and recruit eligible migrant students.
  • Create implementation plans for service.
  • Increase opportunities for migrant parent involvement.
  • Collaborative academic and social service provision.
  • Decrease the academic gap between migrant students and the general student population.
  • Identification of priority for service students who are most at-risk by a formula.
  • Development of district migrant education comprehensive needs assessment.
  • ABAC's Migrant Education Consortium is funded through a grant from the Georgia Department of Education, Migrant Education Office.

Contact Information

Branch Hall | Third Floor

ABAC 22 | 2802 Moore Hwy.

Tifton, GA  31793