Vanessa Lane

Associate Professor
School of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Dr. Lane has a diverse background in wildlife ecology and management. She received her B.S. of Natural Resources at Cornell University. She studied the nesting and brood-rearing habitat of greater sage-grouse in Montana and Wyoming as part of her M.S. in Animal and Range Sciences at Montana State University. She examined the long-term effects of site preparation techniques on small mammal, bird, and plant communities in pine plantations in the lower coastal plain of North Carolina for her Ph.D. in Forest Resources at the University of Georgia.

After earning her Ph.D., Dr. Lane worked as a post doc for the USDA Forest Service to examine the effectiveness of an agency-wide safety program using a robust survey technique, which received over 10,000 responses and over 3,000 comments from participants. Her first teaching position was at the University of Minnesota - Crookston, where she also studied the effects of cattail removal techniques on native wetland plants and amphibian communities. She began working at ABAC in the fall of 2014 and has since become active with undergraduate research projects and opportunities at the college in addition to her full-time teaching.
Dr. Lane teaches a variety of courses in the Natural Resources Management degree program at ABAC. Although several of these courses are on a rotational basis with other professors, below is an abbreviated list of the courses Dr. Lane teaches:

- FRSC 1180: Quantitative Methods in Forest Resources
- FRSC 1192: Wildlife Ecology and Management
- FRSC 2100: Herbaceous Plant Communities
- FRSC 3130: Endangered Species Management
- FRSC 3135: Nongame Wildlife Management
- FRSC 3140: Forest Measurements and Mapping
- FRSC 3770: Ornithology
- FRSC 4370: Natural Resources Recreation
- FRSC 4630: Senior Project