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School of Arts and Sciences

Department of English and Communication

The Department of English and Communication offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Writing and Communication. Students will develop as critical thinkers and gain skills in both written and oral communication through encouragement to explore ideas thoroughly and critically from all vantage points and a wide-ranging liberal arts education.

Developing strong communication skills is at the core of the English and Communication department. Students are provided consistent opportunities to hone their academic and professional writing and group communication skills both in and out of the classroom. Access to internship and work opportunities connects academic coursework with real-life experience to best prepare students after graduation for fields such as broadcast and print journalism, creative disciplines, and further studies in graduate school.

Writing and Communication (B.S.)
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The Writing and Communication major provides a broad and comprehensive understanding of effective communication skills to prepare students for success in a wide range of career options. The major emphasizes a necessary combination of critical and creative problem solving with applications out of the classroom through internships and hands-on experiential learning. Students will develop an appreciation of diverse cultural perspectives and a greater understanding of local and global issues to provide a base of self-knowledge, cultural understanding, and social responsibility. Graduates who finish the program are prepared for work or graduate studies in journalism, law, creative communication, and many others.

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