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Policies & FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

In how many hours must I be enrolled to reside in on-campus housing? 

You must be enrolled at ABAC and maintain a minimum of 12 credit hours (3 credit hours in the summer), unless otherwise approved by the Director of Residence Life.

What is the deadline to apply for housing? 

There is no official housing deadline, but housing assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis.  Priority housing application runs through April 1st and early housing application is April 2 through July 1.  Applying for housing during priority application gives you the best chance to receive a private room or the most affordable room options.  Applying during early application gives you the opportunity to request special accommodations and maximizes your chance to receive requested roommates.  Lakeside and housing for Upperclassmen are the first to fill.  Freshmen must apply for housing or request an exemption from housing prior to attending the advising and registration days.

Is there a deposit to apply for housing? 

There is a $235 nonrefundable housing application fee.  This is not a deposit and does not apply to any housing costs.  This must be paid up front.  Financial aid will not cover the application fee.

Can I get my money back if I change my mind about living on campus?

No, the housing application fee is non-refundable.

Do I have to live on campus? 

Living on campus provides many opportunities for positive student development and learning.  First-year students, in particular, benefit from the supportive environment of the on-campus community.  For this reason ABAC requires all freshmen who have earned fewer than 24 semester hours of collegiate level credit and who have not cleared Learning Support requirements to live on campus.  Freshmen must live on campus unless they are commuting from a parent’s, guardian’s, or grandparent’s home within a 50-mile commuting distance.

In which building can I live? 

First-time entering freshmen are assigned to Lakeside until all suites have been filled.  Once Lakeside has been filled, freshmen will be assigned to ABAC Place.  Upperclassmen will be assigned to ABAC Place.  Freshmen accepted to Stafford Hall will be assigned to ABAC Place.

When can I move into housing? 

(Fall 2018) First-time entering freshmen will move in on Saturday, August 11.  For students who are attending the August 11 Advising and Registration day, they may move in on Friday, August 10 after he/she has completed advising and registration   All students must have completed an Advising and Registration day before moving into his/her housing assignment.  All students must be registered for classes and have paid their accounts in full or have sufficient awarded financial aid prior to moving into housing.   (Students only need to pay accounts in full; proof of payment will be provided by ABAC Residence Life & Housing). Returning students may begin moving in on Sunday, August 12 and continue through August 15, the first day of classes.  All offices other than Residence Life & Housing will be closed on the weekend and students needing to speak with any other office should plan to move in on Monday or Tuesday, August 13 and 14.

Suggested Move-In Times:
On Saturday,  August 11  for Freshmen:

Students traveling within 50 miles will move in from 8:00 am to 10:00 am

Students traveling 51 to 100 miles will move in from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Students traveling from 101 to 250 miles will move in from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Students traveling 250+ miles will move in from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

For Upperclassmen:

Sunday, August 12 : 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Monday, August 13 : 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

Tuesday, August 14: 8:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Do I have to purchase a meal plan?

Yes, all residents must purchase a meal plan.

How much is rent? What is included?

Students contract for housing for the entire academic year.  This amount is payable in two installments, one at the beginning of fall and the other at the beginning of spring semester.   Housing during the summer term is extra.  Housing fees include a room, furnishings, and all utilities.  Students may contact Student Financial Services to discuss the Nelnet payment options.

Can I use my financial aid to pay rent? 

Yes, financial aid will apply towards housing charge but not your application fee.  Housing charges can only be paid by financial aid after tuition and fees are covered.  Check with financial aid to see if you are receiving enough financial aid to pay for your fees.  Remember to meet the financial aid deadline of July 15 to prevent complications at move-in.

When is rent due? 

All housing fees are due in full at the fee payment deadline prior to the start of each semester.

Is there wireless internet?

ABAC Place and Lakeside is equipped with wireless internet throughout the  buildings.   Personal wireless routers are only allowed with special permission.

Do I have to live on campus both semesters? 

Yes, students who live on campus are obligated to stay on campus both fall and spring semesters.  Students who move on campus in the spring or summer are required to live on campus for that one semester only.  The only exemption for this is graduation and medical withdrawal.

How do you select roommates?

Can I choose my own roommates?  Roommates are assigned based on the responses  to the roommate preference section of the housing application.  Students may request specific roommates, but the requests must be mutual, arrive at approximately the same time, and be requested prior to June 1st.

Is family housing available?

Unfortunately, family housing is not available at this time.

Are the apartments co-ed? 

No, apartments and suites are not co-ed.  Hallways are co-ed for both freshmen and upperclassmen.  Freshmen may request a single-gender hallway at Lakeside.

Can I have overnight guests?

Freshmen are not allowed to have overnight guests.  Students living in ABAC Place may have overnight guests for no longer than six nights per month or three consecutive nights, and each roommate must agree to the overnight guest.  Residents are held responsible for their guests at all times.

Can freshmen have cars on campus? 

Yes, freshmen may have cars on campus.  However, Lakeside residents may only park within the Lakeside parking lot from 7:00 am until 5:30 pm.  ABAC Place residents may not park in the Lakeside parking lot between 7:00 am and 5:30 pm.  After 5:30 pm, students may park in any student assigned parking lot.

Can I have pets?

Fish, and solely aquatic small amphibians in a ten-gallon or less aquarium are the only pets allowed within the residence halls.

How do I change rooms? 

Prior to moving in, students must contact the Assignments Coordinator in writing.  Once a student has moved in, all room changes must be initiated through the student’s Area Coordinator.  Room changes not approved by the Area Coordinator will result in a $150 room change fee.

Can I move from Lakeside to ABAC Place? 

Students may not move from one building to another unless special permission has been granted by the Director of Residence Life.

What is the decoration policy?

The use of finishing nails, tacks, and putty that will not pull the paint off or discolor the walls may be used.  See the Guide to Residential Living for more information.

Where can I smoke? 

ABAC is a tobacco free campus.  No smoking or smokeless tobacco use is permitted on campus.

Is there a curfew?

(There is no curfew for ABAC residents, although the visitation hours for freshmen are from 8:00am to 2:00am.)  Also, remember that staying up too late may negatively affect student success.

Do I have to move-out between semesters?

Housing is open during fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and spring breaks.  There is an additional fee for housing during the Christmas break. All students must move-out between spring and summer and between summer and fall semesters.  Students may sign up for May housing to stay during the break between spring and summer.  There is no housing available between summer and fall semesters.

How are the apartments staffed?

The apartments are staffed by 35 Community Assistants, four 24-hour live-in professional staff members, as well as administrative, support, and maintenance personnel staff members.

Can I bring my own furniture?

Students may bring their own furniture.  However, no ABAC furniture may be removed from the room and all furniture must be deemed safe by ABAC Student Life & Housing staff.

Can I bring my own refrigerator?

No, a full size refrigerator is provided for each apartment.  Special permission must be granted by the Director of Housing for mini-fridges which are allowed for medical and dietary reasons.

Are candles allowed?

All candles are strictly prohibited, with or without a wick.  Possession of candles carries a strict penalty as fire safety is a primary concern in buildings that house 500 students in such close proximity.

Who cleans the apartments?

All apartments are cleaned professionally during the summer semester.  During the year students are expected to maintain their apartments. Health and Safety Inspections will be conducted twice each semester to ensure proper health and safety standards are being met.  A cleaning fee may be assessed for excessively dirty apartments.

Will my belongings be insured?

ABAC does not insure personal property, nor is it liable for any damaged or stolen property.  All students residing on campus are strongly encouraged to provide their own insurance through a renter’s policy or their parent’s home owner’s insurance.

Will there be room inspections?

Yes, Health and Safety Inspections are conducted for health and safety twice each semester.  A fire safety inspection will also be conducted during the semester.  CAs will be looking for basic safety and cleanliness issues during these inspections, not spotless rooms, although spotless rooms are always appreciated by the Housing staff as well as your roommates.

Is there a telephone in the apartments?

No, telephone lines are not provided in each individual apartment although students may have a line activated at their own cost through AT&T.  Emergency telephones are located outside and throughout the building.