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Staff Forum

The purpose of the Staff Forum of ABAC is as follows:

  • provide a sounding board whereby mutual concerns may be identified and presented to the Administration effectively;
  • secure greater staff participation in the decision-making process of the college;
  • recognize and encourage excellence of performance among staff members;
  • pursue fair and impartial treatment of all staff, regardless of position, including equitable work conditions and standards; and
  • support and enhance the overall mission of the college.

Current Officers

Chair: Gloria Sulkowski
Gift Processing Coordinator, Office of College Advancement

Vice-Chair: Jessica Gandy
Financial Aid Counselor, Office of Financial Aid

Secretary: BJ Johnson
Accounting Clerk, Bookstore

Parliamentarian: Kim Baldwin
Clinic Assistant, Health Center

Staff Forum By Laws and Constitution Updated June 22, 2016


Roy R. Jackson, Sr. Award for Staff Excellence

Roy R. Jackson, Sr. Award for Excellence


Eligible staff members should satisfy the following criteria:

1.      completed at least 10 years continuous full-time service with the institution by the end of the previous year (i.e., December 31)
2.      be a full-time employee
3.      cannot be a former recipient of the Roy R. Jackson, Sr. Award for Excellence
4.      support the college/community in one or more of its extra-curricular activities
5.      present a good image when off-campus
6.      contribute to the growth and development of ABAC beyond the call of duty
7.      have a good attitude
8.      be well respected, courteous, helpful, and dependable


  • All employees who are designated by the college as staff and are employed on a regular (not temporary) basis or a Staff Forum member’s immediate supervisor may nominate one eligible staff member whose name appears on the current eligibility list.  This listing will include all full-time staff members who have completed 10 years of continuous full-time service with the college by the end of the previous year.  Preference will be given to active members of Staff Forum.
  • Each individual making a nomination must submit a minimum of 2 paragraphs of justification; otherwise, the nomination will not be accepted. The paragraphs should be written with enough detail so that anyone who does not know the nominee, will after reading the nomination.  Recipients will be chosen based on their satisfaction of the above criteria.
  • The Staff Forum Scholarship and Awards Committee will select one of the nominated staff members to receive the Roy R. Jackson Award.
  • Recipients of the Roy R. Jackson, Sr. Award for Excellence will be selected, awarded, and announced annually in the spring term of enrollment at the Honors Day ceremony.
  • Staff Forum Chair will announce all award recipients via the FOCUS, campus e-mail, and Staff Forum meetings.
  • Roy R. Jackson Award recipients will receive a check for $1,250 (provided funds are available) and a plaque.


Roy R. Jackson, Sr. Award for Staff Excellence Nomination Form (Due March 14, 2018, by 3:00 p.m.)

Roy R. Jackson, Sr., Award for Staff Excellence Past Recipients

2018 Candidates for Roy R. Jackson, Sr. Award for Staff Excellence

Staff Forum Scholarship


The scholarship will be evenly distributed between two (2) semesters and must be exhausted within the twelve (12) months from the date of the award. This award will follow the ABAC Scholarship Award Guidelines.

Eligible students must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Dependent of an ABAC staff member, with preference given to dependents of participating member (as indicated by attendance at meetings and other involvement);
  2. Good Academic Standing as determined by the ABAC Admissions Office;
  3. Accepted to Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College and enrolled full-time towards a degree.


The Staff Forum Scholarship and Awards Committee will select the scholarship recipient each year based on the above criteria. Scholarship recipients will be announced annually via the FOCUS, campus email, and Staff Forum meetings. Please bear in mind that if a student should reduce his/her enrollment below the full-time level, withdraws or transfers to another institution, or receives a disciplinary suspension, any unused portion of funds will revert to the Foundation’s Scholarship Fund.

Apply for scholarships here by March 1st.

Note: Scholarship maximum amount of $1000 will be reviewed every 5 years (beginning 2002) to increase or decrease the amount based upon funds available.

Last updated and approved October 2017.

USG Staff Forum Resources

Meeting Refreshment List

Brownies: Gloria Sulkowski
Cake: Richard Spancake
Cookies: Kristi Brown
Brunswick Stew: Amy Willis
Cheese and Meat Tray:  Nancy Brannen
Chicken Cheese Ball with Crackers:  Shirley Wilson
Peanuts: Nancy Brannen 
Salsa & Chips: Nancy Anthony 
Sun Chips: Cindia Dubravcic 

Drinks (Diet & Regular): Jessica Gandy
Cart with Paper Products: Corey Langston
Ice: Corey Langston 

Donations:  Margo Ransom

Volunteering can be in any of the following forms:
1.   Donate $2-$20 for the purchase of a meat, cheese, veggie, and/or fruit tray.
2.   Purchase goodies locally to bring
3.   Prepare a dish at home to bring
4.   Any other ideas you have

Thanks in advance for your participation.