Matthew Aderholt

Lecturer of Biology
School of Arts and Sciences
Mr. Aderholt is a Lecturer of Biology in the Science and Mathematics department.

Master of Science in Integrative Biology from Kennesaw State University; Kennesaw, GA

Bachelor of Science in Biology from Kennesaw State University; Kennesaw, GA
Mr. Aderholt teaches the following courses:

Principles of Biology I (BIOL 1107)
Principles of Biology I Lab (BIOL 1107L)
Honors Principles of Biology I & Lab (BIOL 1107H)
Environmental Science (SCIE 1005)
Environmental Science Lab (SCIE 1005L)
Plant Physiology (BIOL 4200).
Mr. Aderholt's research focuses on heavy metals and their interactions with the soil and plants. His current area of focus is in the field of phytoremediation- using plants, supplemented with chemical treatments, for removing harmful heavy metals from contaminated soil.


Phytoextraction of contaminated urban soils by Panicum virgatum L. enhanced with application of a plant growth regulator (BAP) and citric acid.

Aderholt, M., Gahagen, B., McIntosh, A., & Pryor, L. (2018). ABAC Introduction to Biology (1st ed.). Toronto, ON: TopHat Monocle.