Student Development

ABOUT Student Development

The Student Development Center is a multipurpose, multidimensional department that addresses personal, academic, educational, intellectual, physical, recreational, cultural, and social growth and development, as well as career development, to promote the success of currently enrolled students and prospective students who initiate contact. Consultation and referral services are provided to alumni, faculty, and staff.


The Center consists of four components: Personal Counseling, National SAT & ACT Testing, Disability Services, and Career Development Counseling.

Personal Counseling

Counseling is a confidential process. In all cases, the Student Development Center adheres to strict professional standards of ethics and confidentiality. Crisis intervention, consultation, and referral services are also offered.   For most students, the “college years” represent a major time of transitions. Although these transitions can be exciting, they may also include some difficult changes and adjustments. As a result, many students develop concerns commonly addressed by the Center staff which includes:

  • College adjustment
  • Stress and time management
  • Depression
  • Study skills/academic pressures
  • Relationships
  • Family issues
  • Multicultural issues
  • Motivation and procrastination
  • Self-esteem
  • Test anxiety
  • Grief/Loss issues
  • Substance use/abuse
  • Weight concerns and body image
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Sexual Assault

  Counseling is provided in Tifton by two Licensed Professional Counselors, licensed through the Georgia Composite Board (Director: Ph.D- Counseling Psychology; Counselor L Ed.S.- Professional Counseling & Supervision) and both are Nationally Certified Counselors.   Counseling is provided in Bainbridge, Blakely, and Donalsonville by a Licensed Masters Social Worker (LMSW) who provides 24 hour on-call services at the three locations. In addition, outreach programming and awareness events are presented. This is a contracted service through an outside agency. Students meet with the LMSW at the instructional sites. Appointments can be made by calling the LMSW or via email.

SAT/ACT Testing

The Testing component of Student Development provides ACT and SAT Testing. In order to provide professional standards in testing services that reflect positively on the institution, the Testing Center maintains membership with and adheres to guidelines set forth by the National College Testing Association.   Tests must be registered through the online registration process.

Disability Services

This web site was developed as a resource for prospective and current students, faculty and staff of ABAC who have been diagnosed with a disability, who may work with or be acquainted with an individual diagnosed with a disability, or who may wish to learn about disabilities. This site provides information about the rights of those diagnosed with a disability. If you instruct a student diagnosed with a disability, employ and/or supervise employees diagnosed with disabilities, you are required by the law to provide approved and appropriate accommodations. This site provides information about the laws, information necessary to meet your obligations and responsibilities under the law, frequently asked questions, policies and procedures, resource information and much more.   For additional information on the Student Development Center, visit the Student Development Center in Tifton on the second floor of Branch Hall, Suite 216. The phone number is 229-391-5135 and the email address is or For Bainbridge, Blakely and Donalsonville sites, direct correspondence to Disability Services, 2500 East Shotwell Street, Bainbridge, GA 39819. The phone number is 229-2433021 and the email address is

Career Development Counseling

The Career Development component of the Center helps to foster career exploration and decision-making processes to help individuals achieve their maximum educational and career potential under a holistic life-span perspective through assessing choices of academic majors and career alternatives. The goal is to offer a process that helps bring individual career counseling and exploration utilizing interest, skills and values inventories, and other testing, including the use of computerized career planning programs. Help with plans for graduate school, resume writing, interviewing and dressing for success are also offered. There is no charge for this service. Services in Tifton and Bainbridge are offered by trained Career Counselors (Master’s, Educations Specialist and Doctoral levels).   The Career Development Counselors help facilitate the career search process for jobs after graduation.   Career Development Counselors can help by providing services such as:

  • Conversation about the different opportunities available with various majors
  • Assistance in the job search
  • Providing information about various companies and jobs that are available

Contact Information


2802 Moore Highway, Tifton, GA 31793/Located in Branch Student Center at Tifton Site

Accessibility Statement

The Institute’s vision is to create a culture of access for an inclusive learning and working environment. The Institute’s commitment to accessibility for all is demonstrated in the numerous teaching and support on campus for students and employees with disabilities.

If you would like more information on our accessibility practices, please contact the Office of Student Development Disability Services at 229.391.5135.