Beyond the Classroom/Outreach (SSB)

ABOUT Beyond the Classroom/Outreach (SSB)

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Business Networking

Networking in business is key to making contacts and opening doors.  The Stafford School of Business understand this and provides opportunities for students to meet future employers, colleagues and customers.  Students visit with local and national companies such as the TiftArea YMCA, Tifton Chamber of Commerce, Federal Reserve in Atlanta and Chick-fil-A.  In addition to building post-graduation contacts, these meetings allow students to learn about strategic planning, logistics and inventory management and business etiquette.

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Internships and Simulations

Internships and simulations are additional activities that allow students to put their classroom skills to work.  Students fulfill internships in marketing, management, human resources, insurance and accounting businesses.  Simulations in strategic management provide students with the opportunities to manage their own businesses in a competitive environment.

Students in the Stafford School of Business are required to undertake at least one 3-credit internship as part of their degree requirement.  The purpose of the internship program is to integrate classroom knowledge with real-world learning experiences, gain valuable work experience, and to develop a network of industry contacts.

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Enactus is an international organization with the power of a Fortune 500 business network that supports career development, internships, and entrepreneurial projects. 

The mission of Enactus ABAC is to provide members the best opportunity to make a difference and develop leadership, teamwork, and communication skills through learning, practicing and teaching the principles of free enterprise.

Enactus ABAC students demonstrate that business has the power to inspire hope, create opportunity where little existed and ultimately improve lives and strengthen communities. As we succeed at helping others to develop stronger business and leadership skills, as well as a sense of service and responsibility to the community and world around them, we’re emerging as leaders who understand the opportunity for business to make a positive economic, social and environmental impact.

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Business Roundtable

The Stafford Business Club at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, hosts an annual Business Roundtable that brings together local business and the students of the school. This annual event provides a unique opportunity for our students to develop their professional networking skills as they interact with future employers, and for the Stafford School of Business to showcase its students.

Contact Information

Lewis Hall

ABAC 14, 2802 Moore Hwy., Tifton, GA 31793