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Just another day on the calendar

By Alyssa Mills
Opinions Editor

I can already hear the groaning on this subject. I know most people think I tend to be cynical or harsh on just about everything, but I really do not see the value in Valentine’s Day.

The Christian lore around this holiday has to do with three possible myths for Valentinus mixed together. One legend suggests that in third century Rome, the emperor forced young men to be soldiers and made it illegal for young men to marry their female lovers, so Valentinus would wed them in secret. Another legend suggests he helped Christians escape torturous prisons. The last suggestion is that he sent a letter in prison to his lover, ending with “From Your Valentine.”

So what irritates me about our current Valentine’s Day? There’s something about the idea of many folks believing in one day to send multiple cards, flowers, and chocolates in hopes of “getting lucky” for the night does not set well with me. Once again, if I could, I would just rename February 14 to “National Hallmark Profit Day.” Here we are, a nation that puts so much effort into one day to celebrate love, and then makes the other 364 days mediocre in comparison.

Also, some single people will not shut up about not having anyone on Valentine’s Day. How is being single on February 14 different from on any other day of the year? If one really thinks about it, there really is not much of a difference. For example, I’m currently dating someone, but he lives three hours away and I see him two months out of the year. There is no difference between when I was single or dating someone on Valentine’s Day. No cute woodland creatures sang a ballad in my honor, Cupid did not give me a high five or a fist bump, I did not get to eat free at any restaurants, and the sun shined for everyone and not just specifically for me.

If you are dating someone, realize that person is special to you and either treat Valentine’s Day like any other day, or treat everyday like Valentine’s Day, but keep the public affection to yourself. As for those who are single, do not whine about your loneliness;get together with a bunch of friends and do something together. Remember, it’s just another day on the calendar.