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A positive spin on Valentine’s day

By Niklynn Dunn
Staff Writer

Call me a hopeless romantic, but I believe Valentine’s Day is an important day of the year. Forget about all of the complaints of marketing scams and clichés. In a world that dwells daily on the negative side of life, why can’t we have a day dedicated to relationships, love and sharing romantic gifts?

To me, Valentine’s Day is a day full of chances. It’s a day to share your feelings with that special someone. If you’re single, Valentine’s Day could be your day to take a chance on someone new, mingle with other singles, or even rekindle a relationship with someone you miss.

February 14 gives us a break from our busy lives and time to reflect on relationships of the present and the past; the amount of attention you decide to give your significant other on Valentine’s Day could be a personal examination that he or she is not the one. If you’re too tired to pick up some flowers or a simple reminder that you care, then maybe your relationship is stagnant. Valentine’s Day, however, is a perfect opportunity to refresh your love life.

It’s true that you should always show care for your significant other on a daily basis, but if we are honest with ourselves, we know that the effort we put into our relationships can slowly decrease throughout the year due to work, school and other things that tire us out. The main idea of any holiday is to rejuvenate our inner selves, and I like that we have a day in which we have the opportunity to just focus on romance.

Much like Halloween, Valentine’s Day can also hold surprises. You never know what will happen on this day; you can either seize the day or just mope around talking about how the day is pointless. The best option is to not to rob yourself of the grand feeling of a perfect Valentine’s Day. Who knows, maybe this year you’ll discover who you’d like to spend the rest of your life with. So go out and seize the day, because you can’t go wrong with celebrating Valentine’s Day.