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Stars Wars: Episode 7 placed with capable Abrams

By Nikylnn Dunn
Staff Writer
Disney recently announced that J.J. Abrams will be the new director for Star Wars Episode VII, which became a Disney property when the company purchased Lucasfilm last year. I’m relieved.
Star Wars is a movie franchise that is near and dear to most all of our hearts. I have many fond memories growing up watching and re-watching the original trilogy with my family, and I’m positive that I’m not the only student at ABAC who has an emotional attachment to the Star Wars series. Since 1977, Star Wars has inspired our parents, motivated movie producers, and changed what movie goers expect from a film.
With his previous record in movies, Abrams is a safe choice. That being said, I couldn’t see any other director properly suited to continue the series. Star Wars could have landed in the hands of someone much worse. I was really excited about the prospects of a brand new trilogy to begin with, so now that I know who the director will be, I can remain excited with a sense of relief.
Most know Abrams as the director of the Star Trek reboot, and the upcoming sequel, Star Trek: Into Darkness. It is a little odd to me, though, that he’s going to direct both of the biggest franchises in the sci-fi genre.
There’s also a possibility that Abrams will still be onboard as director for a third Star Trek film. I only hope that he can maintain the same level of effort for both franchises while staying true to what makes Star Wars and Star Trek uniquely different from each other.
What makes Abrams a good selection for director is that his name isn’t too big. For example, Steven Spielberg, who is way past his prime, would have brought too much expectation to the table. Disney didn’t need to select a big name director because the next Star Wars movie will sell itself.
Only time will tell if Episode VII will have the power to make fans forget all about the prequels. I would like for the next Star Wars film to be a fun, fresh space adventure that isn’t convoluted with unnecessary details.
The original Star Wars film was well paced, and allowed itself to be a space epic that didn’t bog the overall story down by over explaining how the Star Wars’ world worked. As straight to the point and action packed as his Star Trek was, I’m sure that Abrams, with the help of the selected screenwriter, will reclaim the magic that made Star Wars famous in the first place.
As of now, we can only day-dream about what we would like to see out of Episode VII. So, until 2015, may the force be with you.