Traveling Exhibits

The Cotton Mill Children: Tifton’s Impact on Americacotton mill pic

This traveling exhibit features the work of 20th centuray photographer Lewis Hine, who captured the lives of poor and working-class families across the United States – and particularly the unfair and unsafe conditions in which they worked on a daily basis.  The Cotton Mill Children specifically highlights a series of photographs of Tifton Cotton Mill workers while searching for information on the work of Lewis Hine.  The mobile exhibit features the story of the Young Family, an overview on child labor, and the Tifton Cotton Mill.  The teacher’s packet includes further information on the exhibit and the Young Family’s story.

Exhibit Rental

  • There is no rental fee for the exhibit.
  • Exhibit may be rented for up to 4 weeks.
  • Exhibit includes 10 panels and 3 boxes of artifacts (large space needed to display).
  • Agencies/museums outside of Tifton must provide approved transportation to and from the rental exhibit site.
  • Contact Elaine Augar at or 229/391-5204 to rent the exhibit.