Destination Ag

What is Destination Ag?


It all started with a conversation about furthering children’s education within agriculture and natural resources. The Georgia Museum of Agriculture (GMA) wanted to enhance its educational offerings in agriculture and natural resources, while the Harley Langdale Jr. Foundation wanted to increase children’s connection between their daily lives and agriculture and natural resources. The generous support of the Harley Langdale, Jr. Foundation provided the opportunity for the GMA to create Destination Ag – an experiential learning program which connects agriculture and natural resources to children’s daily lives and educates them on career opportunities in the two industries.

Destination Ag is currently offering programming at no cost to students in grades pre-k through first grade in Colquitt, Cook, and Tift county public school systems. During each year, an additional county and grade level will be added in the program. At the completion of five years, Destination Ag plans to serve nearly 17,000 students in grades pre-k through fifth grade from eight surrounding counties.


Program Details

1st graders planting corn

Destination Ag is a half-day program featuring four 30-minute learning stations on agriculture and natural resource topics. Three stations are taught by current ABAC students and the free time station is overseen by visiting teachers. Schools enjoy sack lunches during a 30-minute break under the newly renovated Opry Shelter.

The program includes pre and post lesson activities for teacher use in classrooms. The curriculum is tied to Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) and exposes students to Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture and Math (STEAM) principles.




Sample program itinerary

*Program itineraries vary based on grade and number of teaching groups.

Group Name Pine Trees Bumble Bees Peaches Sheep Mules
9:00-9:35 AM Arrival/Orientation
9:45-10:15 AM Plant Animal Career Free Time Plant
10:25-10:55 AM Animal Career Free Time Plant Animal
11:05-11:35 AM Lunch at Opry Shelter
11:45-12:15 PM Career Free Time Plant Animal Career
12:25-12:55 PM Free Time Plant Animal Career Free Time
1:05-1:20 PM Wrap Up at Orpy Shelter
1:20-1:30 PM Restrooms/Board Buses
1:30 PM Depart



Connection to Georgia Standards of Excellence

Destination Ag programming targets Georgia’s new Standards of Excellence (GSE) in Science and the College and Career Readiness Performance Index.  Below is a chart detailing the standards that your students will explore during their field trip.

Exploring the soil scientist career


Class                         GSE
Growing Up            CD-SC1; CD-SC5
Plant                        CD-SC1; CD-SC3.4a; CD-SC5
Animal                    CD-SC1; CD-SC3.4a; CD-SC5


Class                         GSE
Career                      SKE2
Plant                        SKL1
Animal                    SKL2a

First Grade

Class                         GSE
Plant                        S1L1
Animal                    S1L1b, c


Art & Writing Contest  

Kindergartners learning about agriculture mechanics

Download the official contest flyer here!  

All students participating in Destination Ag may enter the agriculture and natural resource art and writing contest. The contest is designed to provide an opportunity for students to communicate the value of agriculture and natural resources in their daily lives through illustration and writing.

For each participating county (Colquitt, Cook, and Tift in 2016-2017), a student winner will be awarded per grade level (Pre-K, K, 1st) along with his/her teacher. Awards may include supplies, gift cards, or monetary amounts.

Teachers will receive entry forms during the Destination Ag field trip. Each teacher is allowed one student entry. All entries will become property of the GMA to use, produce, or transfer rights as its sole discretion. The entry deadline for 2016-2017 is Friday, April 28, 2017.



For questions or more information, please contact Brittney Turner at or 229.391.5204.