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Give Back to ABAC





Alumni and Friends

miles-and-george“I am a Lifetime Member of the Alumni Association because I love ABAC and when you love something, you should support it. ABAC gave me a great educational foundation and taught me many life lessons I still use today. I could not have succeeded at ABAC without the help of others and this is my way to help the next generation.” – Miles Drummond, Class of 2007

“I give back to ABAC because it is a great destination place.  ABAC offers students not only an opportunity for a great education, but so many ways to engage and build relationships with others through activities and associations on campus and in the community.  I am thankful for my time at ABAC.” – Scott Carlson, Class of 1993


“I give back, because ABAC holds some of the best memories of my life! I would not be where I am today without ABAC and I want future students to have even better opportunities for success.” – Ashley Morris, Class of 2012

“I give back to ABAC because of the memories I have when I was a student.  ABAC helped me to mature as an adult and provided leadership opportunities which I have used throughout my career.  I want to see this continue for ABAC students now and in the future.” – George Granade, Class of 1974

 You may also print the the Alumni Commitment Form and mail it to:

Office of College Advancement
2802 Moore Highway
ABAC Box 13
Tifton, Georgia 31793

Please call 229-391-4900 with any questions or if you would like further details on how to donate.

Faculty and Staff

As faculty and staff, when we give back, we strengthen the College, and we all benefit. In our “Give Back to ABAC” effort, participation is what matters!

How to Give Back:

  1. Use the Faculty/Staff Commitment Form with several options for making your gift     including cash, check, credit card, pledge or payroll deduction.


      2. Make your pledge or gift with a credit card online by following this link: Give Back with CC.        Be sure to put the name of the Fund you would like your contribution to go towards in the       comments if it in not listed in the drop-down menu by choosing “other”.

A full listing of available funds to designate your gift to can be found here: ABAC Funds Listing.

Your gifts made directly to the ABAC Foundation will receive a receipt from the ABAC Foundation that you can use to apply toward your taxes according to IRS regulations.

Cash or cash equivalents –gifts of cash, securities, etc., either outright or through a planned/deferred gift vehicle (e.g., charitable gift annuity, retained life estate, charitable remainder trust, life insurance, will bequest). The donor may specify the use of the funds or the gift may be unrestricted for use in meeting needs identified by Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College and the ABAC Foundation.

Annual Gifts – Annual gifts are gifts made in the current year that can be utilized immediately. Annual gifts may be designated to help fund opportunities for today and can be assigned to benefit a specific area of interest to you, including student or faculty focused priorities at ABAC.

Deferred Gifts – Deferred gifts are often called “planned gifts” because they are integrally connected to financial and/or estate plans. They range in size from smaller bequests to multi-million dollar trusts. They are called deferred gifts because even though they are given today, the benefits by ABAC will not be realized until sometime in the future.

Designated Gifts – A donor may choose to designate a gift to any college objective at ABAC. A gift may be designated for schools or general support.

Endowed Fund – An endowed fund is one in which the original principal is never invaded and the gift exists in perpetuity. Endowments are generally funded within five years of the initial contribution. Income is distributed annually pursuant to spending policies adopted by the ABAC Foundation. No income will be distributed until the endowment is fully funded. There is no limit for donating gifts to already-existing endowments, but the ABAC Foundation has minimum requirements for establishing new endowments. Each endowment will be supported by an accompanying fund agreement which explains the gift’s purpose and use.

Non-Endowed Funds – Non-endowed funds consist of funds of which both principal and income may be expended, but only for purposes specified in the fund agreements.