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What is Give Back to ABAC?

As you consider contributing to “Give Back to ABAC” this year, remember that this is your chance to make a real difference. The impact of such private gifts can be seen every day on campus. Support from current and former faculty and staff is particularly meaningful because it sends a resounding message from those who know the College best. Your support demonstrates to alumni, donors, the community and our legislature that you believe in the mission of ABAC.  No one knows better than ABAC folks what a difference private support makes. Even though ABAC is a public institution, only 28% of the College’s operating budget comes from the state. Your support will enable us to compete for quality students through scholarships and to increase support for unmet needs in all program areas of the College. Our faculty/staff participation rate last year was 11.4% and we can do better! Ultimately, through our generosity, we strengthen the College, and we all benefit.


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 Academic Areas

  • Agriculture and Natural Resources (Renata Elad)givebackfacultystaff
  • Human Sciences (Donna Campbell)
  • Liberal Arts (Dr. Bonnie Asselin)
  • Nursing (Deborah Drummonds)
  • Science and Mathematics  (Beth Thornton)
  • Stafford School of Business (Abul Sheikh)

Administrative Areas

  • President’s Office and Public Relations (Lindsey Roberts)
  • College Advancement (Sue Mastrario)
  • Academic Affairs: Academic Support/Admissions/Athletics/Institutional Effectiveness/Library/Multicultural Education/Registrar/Residence Life and Student Affairs      (Nancy Anthony)
  • Business and Finance: Human Resources/Business Office/ Police/Facilities/Bookstore/GMA (Deidra Jackson)
  • Information Technology (Clayton Riehle)

“Why do I give to ABAC? There is a simple answer. I want to see ABAC grow and continue to be the place students come HOME to.  Yes, it is a great destination, but most importantly, it is the FIRST step to a brighter future.  I give because our students’ futures should be the brightest stars on the horizon for all of us!” — Nancy Anthony, Multicultural Education

“I give to ABAC because I believe in the quality of our programs. My colleagues  and I care about our students individually. I am dedicated to ensuring they are prepared to be the leaders of tomorrow.  Most importantly I give because the students come with so much potential that begs to be nurtured and molded into greatness.” — Dr. Renata Elad, School of Agriculture and Natural Resources

“I give back to ABAC because I take pride in working for an institution that gives me the opportunity to change lives every day.  I derive a great deal of satisfaction in building relationships with the students and their families.  The faculty and staff have become my ABAC family and the experiences they have given to me are priceless.” — Donna Webb, Enrollment Management

 “Every time I go to the hospital as a patient, family member or visitor, I run into former nursing students who are now my professional colleagues. Seeing their big smiles and hearing their stories of success is very gratifying. I am amazed as I watch them work and see their capabilities and skills. I know ABAC has made a difference in their lives, and I know that my donation supports the important work of improving the health of the people of South Georgia.” — Troy Spicer, School of Nursing


Gift definitions:

Cash or cash equivalents –gifts of cash, securities, etc., either outright or through a planned/deferred gift vehicle (e.g., charitable gift annuity, retained life estate, charitable remainder trust, life insurance, will bequest). The donor may specify the use of the funds or the gift may be unrestricted for use in meeting needs identified by Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College and the ABAC Foundation.

Annual Gifts – Annual gifts are gifts made in the current year that can be utilized immediately. Annual gifts may be designated to help fund opportunities for today and can be assigned to benefit a specific area of interest to you, including student or faculty focused priorities at ABAC.

Deferred Gifts – Deferred gifts are often called “planned gifts” because they are integrally connected to financial and/or estate plans. They range in size from smaller bequests to multi-million dollar trusts. They are called deferred gifts because even though they are given today, the benefits by ABAC will not be realized until sometime in the future.

Designated Gifts – A donor may choose to designate a gift to any college objective at ABAC. A gift may be designated for schools or general support.

Endowed Fund – An endowed fund is one in which the original principal is never invaded and the gift exists in perpetuity. Endowments are generally funded within five years of the initial contribution. Income is distributed annually pursuant to spending policies adopted by the ABAC Foundation. No income will be distributed until the endowment is fully funded. There is no limit for donating gifts to already-existing endowments, but the ABAC Foundation has minimum requirements for establishing new endowments. Each endowment will be supported by an accompanying fund agreement which explains the gift’s purpose and use.

Non-Endowed Funds – Non-endowed funds consist of funds of which both principal and income may be expended, but only for purposes specified in the fund agreements.