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Lifetime Members

A special thanks to those listed below who have become Lifetime Members of the Alumni Association.  Along with members who give annually, lifetime members’ financial support assists the many activities of the Alumni Association.

James Lee and Sue Adams, Friends

Dr. Ron and Susan Robinson Bannister, Class of 1972 & 1973

Beverly Hudson Bauerband, Class of 1951

Gloria Beard, Class of 1987

Marshall Bennett, Jr., Class of 1987

Rick and Sandra Bostelman, Class of 1963 & 1966

Cliff Bowden, Class of 1992

Albert and Elna McClelland Bragdon, Class of 1961

Billy and JoAnn Brannen, Class of 1977 & 1978

Dr. David and Kim Bridges, Class of 1978

David and Betty West Carlson, Class of 1966

Col. William Clark, Class of 1956

Cathy Cox, Class of 1978

Dr. Johnny and Yvonne Harrison Crawford, Class of 1961

Pamela Purcell Crews, Class of 1991

Derwin Davis, Class of 2001

Miles Drummond, Class of 2007

Robert “Bob” Dutton, Class of 1966

Cindy Causey Epperly, Class of 1987

Van and Vonda Doss Fenn, Friend and Class of 1985

Matthew Fisher, Class of 2018

Richard and Lynda Sumner Fisher, Friend and Class of 1989

Larry and Ann Culpepper Graham, Class of  1973

George and Jill Randall Granade, Class of 1974

Jeffrey A. Griffin, Class of 2011

Jimmy R. Grubbs, Class of 1965

Issac and Virginia Thomas Hart, Class of 1968

Pam Shrouder Haskins, Class of 1991

Donna Taylor Heffring, Class of 1980

Michelle Seawright Higdon, Class of 1986

Louise Hill, Class of 1977

H. James Holcomb, Class of 1968

Rollins and Deidra Dunn Jackson, Friend and Class of 2000

Kimberly Jacobs, Class of 2009

Kaycee Abell Jones, Class of 1999

Keri Jones, Class of 1999

Cheryl Harbin Koehler, Class of 1968

Alan M. Kramer, Honorary Alumnus

Dr. Ben and Shirley Skinner Lowery, Class of 1955

Jack Legg, Class of 1952

Gerald and Janice McCorkle Long, Class of 1969 & 1970

Audrey Luke-Morgan, Class of 1994

Kaytlyn Malia, Class of 2016

Dr. Tim Marshall, Class of 1977

Sue Mastrario, Class of 2014

Robert “Bob” Mclendon, Class of 1961

Brad & Sandra Crawford Moretz, Class of 1988 & 1987

Robert Morton, Class of 1970

Robert Moss, Class of 1949

Laurie Sumner Oldham, Class of 1985

Furman “Chip” O’Neal, Class of 1986

Amy Willis Palmer, Class of 1991

Robert Parker, Class of 1976

Melissa Pierzchajlo, Class of 2001

Judy Perry, Class of 1996

Scott Purvis, Class of 1986

Eddie Reddick, Class of 1977

Keith and Julie Rucker, Class of 1991 & 1990

Allen and Joann Saylor, Class of 2000 and friend

Chuck Scarborough, Jr. Class of 1978

Dr. Darby Thompson Sewell, Class of 1998

Donna K. Sledge, Class of 1985

Suzanne Whitfield Smith, Class of 1989

Matt and Jodie Rayl Snow, Friend and Class of 2000

Richard Spancake, Friend

W. Troy Spicer, Jr., Class of 1982

Bo Spooner, Class of 1994

Greg Spooner, Class of 1998

Steve and Elaine Spooner, Class of 1966 and friend

Tom Stallings, Class of 1976

Robert Tindell, Class of 1996

Dr. Zach Tomberlin, Class of 2007

James Tootle, Class of 1953

Tony and Laura Beth Tucker, Class of 1991 & 1988

George and Betty Turk, Class of 1952 and friend

Ed and Niki Knox Vanderslice, Class of 1987 & 2000

G. Tom Wade, Class of 1960

Donald Watson, Class of 1968

Dr. Jay Williams, Class of 1989

Dr. Amy Pearman Willis, Class of 1989

Glenn P. Willis, Jr., Class of 1980

G. Sephus Willis, Class of 1983

Vernon L. and Andrea P. Willis, Class of 1969 and Honorary Alumnus

Shirley Ellis Wilson, Class of 1984

Randy Wise, Class of 1996

Elaine Shellhouse Wright, Class of 1950

Billie Worley, Class of 1975