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Verification Forms for 2014-2015 Academic Year

We have an electronic process implemented for processing verification forms.  If you are required to submit a verification worksheet, the STUDENT is required to start initiation of this document by accessing their Banner account and following the directions below:

Log into Banner Web

  1. Financial Aid tab
  2. Eligibility Requirements link
  3. Note: If students do not have financial aid requirements, the following information is not applicable.
  4. Select the Aid Year (e.g., Fall 2014 is 2014-2015 Academic Year), Submit
  5. Student Requirements link
  6. Unsatisfied Requirements will be listed allowing online completion using the link
  7. After clicking the link, students will be prompted to create a Dynamic Forms account, in the section “Are you a new user?”  click on Get Started button
  8. Username — Student’s complete Stallion email address
  9. First Name – Official first name as recorded in Banner
  10. Last Name – Official last name as recorded in Banner
  11. Email – Student’s complete Stallion email address.  After account creation, students will need to check their email account to activate their Dynamic Forms account with the “Activate your account” link in the email sent from Students will receive on-screen confirmation “Account Activated! Congratulation, you have successfully activated your account.” when activated.
  12. If students cannot log into their Stallions email for the Dynamic Forms account activation, student should contact Academic Support Counselors at 229-391-4995 or to reset their Stallion email password.
  13. After account activation, students are then ready to complete their unsatisfied requirements for verification based on the listing in Banner Web on the Financial Aid tab’s Eligibility Requirements link.
  14. If the form required is a Dependent Verification form, the student will be asked to enter an email address for the parent, during student setup.  After the student has completed their portion of the form, an email will be sent to the parent for the parent to activate an account and complete the parent’s portion of the verification form.  Parents are required to setup their Dynamic Form account from the link in the email that was generated by the student.
    Note for Dependent Verification:
    As the student, you will only be able to complete your part of the form.

Student should complete — A, E, F, and G

When your parent logs in, he/she will be able to complete the parent part of the form.

Parent should complete — B, C, D, H, and I

After you submit the documents to our office, you can continue to check the status of your documents in Banner. If we have received your documents, the status will go from “Unsatisfied” to “Document Received and Not Yet Reviewed.” After the document is reviewed, the status will be updated to the appropriate status: “Received Incomplete”, “Waived”, or “Received & Satisfied”. If the requirement is incomplete, you will receive an email explaining what was incomplete and how to resolve. Check the status of your requirements in Banner Web so you can make sure that all verification documents have been “Received & Satisfied”. If you submit the documents to our office, please allow two to three business days for the status to be updated. Please do not send multiple documents until five business days have elapsed with no update.
After ABAC has received all your verification requirements and they are satisfied, we will begin the verification process. This process requires two to three weeks during the months of May through August. After the verification process is complete, you will receive an email informing you that you have an award package available. If new information comes in after the award package, you may receive a revised award package. This revision will only occur if ABAC makes a change to your financial aid package (based on the additional documents requested). Revised award letter/notices replace any award letters/notices previously received.

If you need access to a form that you have not submitted/completed, but you did save the form. You can login to the form portal by clicking here.

To Request a PDF Version of the above forms, please click here. 

To Submit requested documents for processing, please click here.


Other Resources for Verification for 2014-2015 Academic Year
(Please only submit documents that are requested)

To Request a Tax Transcript from the IRS, please click here.

  • A Tax Transcript is required by the Department of Education
  • Please do not submit copies of your tax return.  They will not satisfy this requirement.
  • If you have problems requesting your Tax Transcript, please contact the IRS at 1-800-829-1040.
  • If you did not earn income and did not  file a tax return for 2013, this requirement will be waived once your verification worksheet is reviewed.  You may be required to submit a Low or No Income Verification Form.
  • If you earned income, but did not file a tax return  for 2013 a copy of your W-2 and completion of  IRS Form 4506-T and checking box 7 may be required.