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Hall Named Director of Baldwin Academy at ABAC

July 6, 2015

Dr. Cyndy Hall, Associate Professor of English in the School of Liberal Arts and Director for the Honors Program, has taken on a third role at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College.  She is now director of Baldwin Academy, ABAC’s dual enrollment program for high school students, according to an announcement by Dr. Gail Dillard, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs.

“Dr. Dillard offered me the position soon after her term as interim vice president was extended,” said Hall.  “With around 200 high school students participating in dual enrollment, coordination of the program requires a significant amount of time.  Dr. Dillard felt she needed that time to focus on her duties in the Academic Affairs office.”

Because many Baldwin Academy students are interested in the ABAC Honors Program, the fit was a natural one.  As director of both programs, Hall can ensure that the top students from local high schools are aware of the many academic advantages of attending ABAC. Creating the relationships with dual enrollment students early on will hopefully help them transition to the honors program with ease.

“Dual enrollment is a wonderful way for qualified students to receive high school credit while also earning college credit,” said Hall.  “However, it is a big step and one not to be taken lightly, so I look forward to helping students with this transition.”

Hall’s roles will include recruiting, working with the departments on campus to create class schedules, advising and registering all the students in the program, keeping track of the state regulations, and developing relationships with both the students and the high schools to further the college’s retention of the students from dual enrollment to full time.

“Right now I am trying to figure it all out–that is my main goal this summer,” said Hall.  “The Board of Regents has also changed the name of the Accel program to the Move-on-When-Ready program, so there are many new regulations to implement across our campus.  Aside from that, enrolling more students is always the goal, but once I get through the first semester, I can take a longer look at the future, assess our needs, and make some plans.”

Although she has a lot on her plate, Hall thrives on the work that comes with her various roles at ABAC.  However, she does have one concern involving her new post.

“I am a little anxious about the enormity of the program,” Hall said.  “Dr. Dillard made it look so easy that most people don’t realize the details involved or the amount of interaction that is necessary with the local high schools.  I greatly enjoy it thus far, and I am learning as I go.

“I like challenges because they keep me excited about my work here.  Directing programs pulls from the creative, organizational, and social sides of my personality, so I feel extremely fortunate to hold these various roles at ABAC.”

Working with the students and their families is what Hall really loves.

“I never knew I liked this type of work until I took over as director of the honors program,” Hall said.  “But then I found out that I love it, especially because I get to work so closely with students.  Helping these students progress through their college careers is truly rewarding to me.”
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