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Four Lineberger Brothers Enroll at ABAC at Same Time

January 26, 2015

Four brothers enrolling in classes at the same time at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College is probably a record.  The fact that those four brothers share the same birthday is an unheard of feat in the 107-year history of ABAC.

When classes began for the ABAC spring term on Jan. 8, Hunter, Ben, Luke, and Tal Lineberger from Perry all took their places in classrooms across the campus.  They are the four surviving members of quintuplets born to Kerry and Angela Lineberger in Macon on March 6, 1995.  Another brother, Zachary, died at birth.  Their other brother, Tully, who is three years older than the foursome, just completed his bachelor’s degree at Valdosta State University.

Hunter, Ben, Luke, and Tal graduated from Perry High School on May 25, 2013.  Tal decided to attend Valdosta State for his freshman year in the fall semester of 2013 and live with his grandparents in Valdosta. The Lineberger family has deep roots in Lowndes County. The other three brothers chose ABAC.  But now Tal has seen the light and transferred to ABAC for the 2015 spring term.

“I changed my major to Ag Education, and of course, my brothers are here,” Tal said.  “I have to keep them in line.  I had 18 years with them so I never thought we would all be at the same college.”

“We talked him into it,” Luke said.

Tal and Ben live together at ABAC Place, Luke lives off campus, and Hunter lives in another apartment with friends at ABAC Place. Ben, Hunter, and Luke all take the same history class.

“ABAC was always my first choice,” Hunter said.

“I chose ABAC because I am from a small town,” Ben said.  “I wouldn’t change a thing about ABAC.  I love it.”

Hunter and Ben both major in the diversified agriculture bachelor’s degree so they’ll be at ABAC a few more years.  Luke is sad to see the first two years of his education major come to an end when he transfers at the end of the spring semester.

“My impressions of ABAC have grown significantly since I began here,” Luke said. “It weighs heavy on my heart that I will be leaving soon.”

All four of the guys enjoy hunting and fishing.  They agree that Tal is the best fisherman. Since their dad is a Georgia Tech alumnus, they also like going to Yellow Jacket football games. Their favorite food is Poppyseed Chicken although there is a running feud as to how much sour cream should be used.

Their mother passed away due to a heart problem in 2008, and their father continues to live in Perry.  The young men were quite involved in every aspect of Perry High School life including their senior year when Ben, Tal, and Luke were the top three class officers.

“We showed hogs together from the third grade to the 12th grade,” Ben said.  “Sometimes we had two each.”

“We always made the final five, the four of us and one of our friends,” Luke said.

“I showed heifers too but I couldn’t get them into it,” Hunter said.

What does their dad think about all four of them attending ABAC?

“He probably thinks it’s not far enough away,” Hunter said with a grin.

“It’s really a relief for him as far as paying tuition,” Luke said.  “He can manage everything better.  Ben gets all our books for us.”

Getting along has never been a problem for the brothers, and that holds true to this day when they are all ABAC classmates.

“Patience and understanding,” Luke said.

“We just work out our problems,” Ben said.

“Boys just fight and get it out,” Tal said.  “Family’s all you got, and you can’t just kick them to the curb.”

That’s particularly true when you see three of your brothers on the same college campus every single day and another one is only 45 minutes south in Valdosta beginning work toward his master’s degree.

“We were freshmen in high school when Tully was a senior,” Hunter said.  “We made his senior year a lot of fun.”

“He enjoys our company a little more now,” Luke said.

All four of the Lineberger brothers at ABAC have different career plans but one thing they agree on is that they’ll wind up with jobs somewhere in the area around their hometown.  For almost 20 years, they have been together.  And together they shall stay.
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