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Men’s Tennis

Mens Tennis Team Photo Sp 16
First Row:  Martin Zarate, Elvyn Nguyen, Colton Phillips, Tomas Torres
Second Row: Deepak Vishkarama, Aykut Apturahman, Ray Donovan, Eyemric Chevalier

 First Row:  Elvyn Nguyen, Colton Phillips, Martin Zarate, Tomas Torres.
Second Row:  Deepak Vishkarama, Ray Donovan, Eyemric Chevalier, Aykut Apturahman

 Rally for Reading


Scores of folks gathered Sunday afternoon for the annual “Rally for Reading” tennis event sponsored by the Tift County Foundation for Educational Excellence with Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College.

The event at ABAC’s Red Hill Tennis Center paired locals with the ABAC men’s and women’s tennis teams and raised more than $2,000 the education foundation’s summer reading program.  Sunday, February 7, 2016

Match Results from January 29 & January 30, 2016:

Doubles Vs. Embry Riddle

  1. D. Vishavkarm/ E. Chevalier lost 8-3 D. Zmak/ Juan C.
  2. E. Nguyen/ M. Zarate lost 9-8 Fabi Z./ Carlos B.
  3. Ray Donovan/ A. Apturahman lost 8-5 Rodo A./ Mick F.

Doubles VS. Valdosta State

  1. D. Vishavkarm/ E. Chevalier lost 9-7 N.Herbing/ G. Heitmann
  2. E. Nguyen/ M. Zarate lost 8-0 X.Pienda/ L.Blay
  3. Ray Donovan/ A. Apturahman won 8-6 J.Schemm/ F.Rivas
Fall 2015 Men's Tennis Schedule

tennis 1

ABAC Hosted the ITA Regional Tournament
Friday, Sept 18 & Saturday, Sept 19 

ABAC hosted the ITA Regional Tournament Sept. 18th & 19th.  Thanks for support of our Fillies and Stallions! GO ABAC!
Men’s Singles Final Results
Men’s Doubles Final Results

Men’s Tennis Team Players in Tournament: Deepak Vishavkarma, Eymeric Chevalier, Aykut Apturahman, Colton Phillips