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Dr. Heather Cathcart

Assistant Professor of Biology

Conger Hall 203
229. 391.5119


B.S. Biology, Armstrong Atlantic State University

M.S. Biology, Georgia Southern University

Ph.D.  Biomedical Science, Medical College of Georgia

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Vanderbilt University Medical Center



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Dr. Cathcart's current schedule


» Spring 2017

Principles of Biology I (BIOL 1107)

Anatomy and Physiology I (BIOL 2011)

Honors Principles of Biology I (BIOL 1107H)

Neuroscience (BIOL 4150)


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Special Topics in Biology (BIOL 4890)


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Research (BIOL 4601)


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Medical Terminology (SCIE 1003)


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