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Learning Support Placement

A Mathematics Placement Index (MPI) and an English Placement Index (EPI) will be calculated based on High School Grade Point Average (HSGPA), SAT or ACT and, when indicated, the ACCUPLACER placement test or other approved placement test.

Indices will be composed of:

  1. HSGPA and SAT/ACT – when both are available
  2. HSGPA and ACCUPLACER- when SAT/ACT are not available
  3. SAT/ACT and ACCUPLACER- when HSGPA is not available
  4. ACCUPLACER- when neither HSGPA nor SAT/ACT is available

For some students who score below the cutoff EPI or MPI, ACCUPLACER test scores add some additional information over that contained in HSGPA and SAT/ACT; those students will be required to take the appropriate ACCUPLACER tests. The ACCUPLACER score will be combined with the HSGPA and SAT/ACT and the resultant EPI or MPI will be compared to the System level cut scores to determine students’ Learning Support Placement.

When ACCUPLACER testing is required, the ACCUPLACER  Elementary Algebra test will be used for math placement. The ACCUPLACER Reading and e-Write tests will be used for English placement.

EPIs and MPIs will be calculated as listed below. That is, if available, SAT or ACT and High School Grade Point Averages (HSGPA) must be used in the calculations. Once ACCUPLACER tests have been taken, ACCUPLACER scores must be used in the calculations.

English Placement Index
EPI Score

English Placement

4230 or higher

ENGL 1101
Collegiate Placement

3032 to 4229

ENGL 1101 & ENGL 0999
Co-requisite Placement

 3021 or lower

MPI >1027 to be admitted


Math Placement Index
MPI Score

Science Track
Calculus Path

 1265 or higher

MATH 1111
(College Algebra)

 1033 – 1264 MATH 1111 & Math 0999
Co-requisite Placement
 928 – 1032  MATH 0989
Foundation Placement
 927 or lower  EPI > 3904 to be admitted


Math Placement Index
MPI Score

Non-Science Track
Statistics Path

 1165 or higher

MATH 1001
(Quantitative Reasoning)

 988 – 1164 MATH 1001 & Math 0997
Co-requisite Placement
 928 – 987  MATH 0987
Foundation Placement
 927 or lower  EPI > 3904 to be admitted